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  1. Big thanks to the gentleman who loaned me his welder. You saved my dad's weekend.
  2. Hey DDR, we are near bathroom 13, anyone have a welder???
  3. So your saying there's a chance.... lol
  4. cool pic of our VW crew at the North Pole.
  5. Held my tongue for years (6 to be exact, you will know why at the end of this glorious little story) on this topic, but.....they suck. I got a ticket for getting a beer out of my ice chest. No kidding. I went into my trailer, came out, went to my ice chest, grabbed a beer, and next thing you know there is a BLM there shaking his pepper spray telling me to back up. Next thing you know, my butt is on a hot bumper being searched. Got $100 fine for getting a beer...on my birthday. On the ticket it said I was interfering with an officer. I have still yet to figure out why this ever happened to begin with, how I was interfering, or why they were lurking behind my trailer.
  6. Pretty cools pics and video. If I was a dude humming bird "Check out it's tongue at ~ 0:45" LOL
  7. Willie Nelson is going to be pissed.
  8. Can't go wrong with a VW beam or mid travel. I love my VW rail, goes up anything, affordable if something breaks, reliable as hell, and hauls the whole family. Your budget is well within a nice VW rail. I built mine from scratch (exception of the frame) to what I wanted and am happy with the end result.
  9. Wow, awesome story. You went above and beyond on this. Cheers to from one Randy to another Randy.
  10. In memory of Michael Jackson, Target and Wal Mart stores will be having a huge sale. All boys pants half off.
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