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  1. Bring an extra can of gas, that trip a handful of times each day burns a decent amount of fuel it seems
  2. I used a holly auto pump last year when mine did that. It's still working but pumps slower than the OG.
  3. Hey mike you guys have those pro armor extinguish holders like last year want to get another one
  4. mush

    My New Set Up

    Nice who wrapped it?
  5. I always roll Tacopa way I hate the freeway and the azzhats that don't pay attention
  6. Every 3-4 trips royal purple oil and filter Turbo subi.
  7. Your going to love the sand at dumont. And don't worry there will be at least 2 dozen or so other alum bodies looking lost
  8. Alper Motorsports or Butches would probably have them
  9. Man, you will be missed Bert. Glad I had the opportunity to meet and hang out the few times. RIP. Good hearted man right there
  10. im out, its not worth the $$ risk for crappy weather, so that should insure you a perfect weather weekend lol
  11. I'm thinking of going out but my buddy is backing out might make a solo trip with the car
  12. weekend after maybe for me
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