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  1. Awesome pics Jody and Pete. What an ideal weekend to be out there. Wish we woulda joined you. Glad you guys had an awesome and safe trip. Thanks for postin' R-
  2. I'm running 1300plus and Apex 6.80. I really wish they made an Apex 7.80. I don't have power steering, but the 6.80s aren't too bad with feedback. Those 8.80s would be a way smoother ride than my 6.80s.
  3. I'm still running my 2004 Hotrails.
  4. We had an awesome time again. Yes chilly with daytime fires. Seemed like it warmed up after 10pm???? coulda been the fireball drink Chad made me drink. We had some great rides. LouB and Steve (not sure his DDR name) both lead some rippin' runs, and I did a couple too. My GoPro keep deleting video if I turn it off and back on. so I have none of my runs but got LouB and Steve's runs on video. Missed having Dunefreak (AKA Prez, The Frizzz, Pete) out with us this time. Know he woulda layed down some rippin' lines. I had a buddy that didn't camp with us crash his quad. He is going to be ok, just a little sore. but other than that I think it was a pretty safe weekend. Hope that's true for everyone else. For how few camps out there on a holiday weekend there sure were a lot of peeps in the dunes. We had a few close calls. The sand was nice and dry but due to minimal wind the tracks were rough shortly into our trip. My son Ryder got to see the North Pole for the first time as we were greeted by Brice and Reese's gang out there. Our buddy Pat had his new RZR 1000 out for his first time. He's hooked. Did great too with only a couple . Our Buddy Chad got a couple cool Videos of me and my niece on the right side of Comp doing some of these . Thanks Bro. It was just great to be out again with everyone that went. Gettin back to feeling like this is what we live for again. Here a pic of Ryder chillin' at the top of Banshee hill on Saturday as some two wheelers were giving us a show rippin up and down that hill.
  5. Great idea. I'm going to take my son for this. One question: Do you know if I should bring his ATV or do they want to train on theirs? Thanks R-
  6. Oh Man, It was awesome getting back out to D and seeing, meeting, duning, and partyin' with you crazy Mohegans again. Just had a blast. I love those quiet weekends out there. The sand was incredibly smooth which helps with my little car. My buddy Fav had a blast too. He hadn't been to D since he was 4. I haven't been there in almost a year. I needed that. It was so cool to have all the cars, rzrs, and quads rippin' in line through them dunes. Drones in the air and all. Oh not just the drones but you guys LAUNCHIN" your cars up there too..... Awesome Huckfest.......... 'Huckfest' Thanks for puttin' it together Pete! And thanks to all for the killer runs and just flat out being great peeps and making our trip so Bitchen. So lookin' forward to more trips this season. Randog
  7. Finally got some time to just sit and post about this trip without falling asleep. lol (happened the other night) With all the chaos I'm dealing with on my house construction this trip took my mind right off all that shizzz. We had an awesome time. It had been since I think March since I've been to D. During the first run I felt home again. We had a smaller camp for Tday than usual, but it was a good size with great friends. My son Ryder had his best friend Grant camp with us and they rode around camp on their quads for three days straight. Ryd needed that since I canceled the Halloween trip. (construction). He was also enjoying the buggy rides way more than last season. and kept askin to go on another. Imma need a new car in 14 years when I hand him the keys to my Hotrails. LOOK OUT PEEPS! This was our first trip with our puppy Shelby. She did really good with only a few 'run out of camps'( better than expected ). And now she has a best dune friend Oreo. They were tearin' it up all weekend. Whitney and the rest of our camp put on an awesome feast. Krusty's traditional turkeys cooked in the ground were delish again. As for me, yes, I did my usual 'stay up the latest' when I probably need the sleep more than anyone. well maybe not more than NEW Daddy Jason. Been there, man that really wipes you out. Thanks Paul and Reese for the 5am BSn' I thought that was Vegas. Vegas Style's Jalapeno poppers are the schizzz. instant hick-ups, but..... gimme another! Our buddy Jason and his #hashtags had us rolling pretty good. Fire clown in town. Buggy rides were a little rougher than I like, but we were able to put together some great runs. Loub, Dunefreak, and I all led a few to mix it up, and it seemed we all hadn't skipped a beat. Glad Krusty is keeping his car. Wouldn't be the same without you duning with us mang. Seems to be no challenge for Lindsay to rip the dunes on her quad or her dads buggy like a natural. Look for a wright up in Sand Sports on her as Neal Rideout was snappin' shots of her jumpin the buggy by Banshee hill. Looking forward to OFF weekends to stay in fourth longer out there. Was cool to go to the hill one evening for the first time in a long time. I tried to play a little on it but it was just tore up too much for my car to handle right. BS'd with a couple veteran VW dudes almost the whole night about VW buggys and carburetors and such. good to see the crazies out there again. Well I just want to thank everyone that helped make my trip so awesome. I needed it bad. Was really cool to see some of my dune friends again. Also thanks for posting the pics and videos that you guys took. Hope to see you guys sooner than later, R-
  8. Happy Birthday duniemonkie. Jiah Jiah! Hope to see you dune! R- P.S. Jakster said to tell you: " <br /><br />, <br /><br /> " lol.
  9. Shawn Jones does great work. Jones Fabrication 8401 Loma Place # D Upland, CA 91786 Phone: (909) 931-0035 Tell him Randog sent you so he will charge a little more and put some extra cash in his pocket. JK He always seems fare on pricing. Hope that helps, R-
  10. Unfortunately im not going to make it out this weekend If you want one and can wait till we go out again I'll bring them next trip. If you want one mailed just pm me and I can send one. Shipping would be a few bucks. And maybe paypal or something. I'll get some pics of the install up for you guys. Sorry if you dont see this and end up looking for me on your vacation. Thanks for understanding. R-
  11. Hey Guys, I finally got those tailgate security rings machined. I'll have some out there this weekend in Dumont. I'm looking to get $15 a piece if anyone is interested come by my camp. Installation not included, but I have pics of my install process. (pretty easy). We camp between the two fingers. between bathrooms 10 & 5 ( B, 8 on the grid ) Grey Ford supercab, 30' Ragen' red grafix, red 2 seat midengine hotrails car.
  12. Check it mAngs. R- http://www.break.com/video/real-telekinetic-girl-in-coffee-shop-2525484
  13. This sounds awesome mAng! Yiah! Checked the calendar and that would be the BOMB! no pun intended. Weekend right after T-day should leave us some deserted dunes for sure. Most of our camp goes T-day religiously, so I'm not sure I can talk them into the 6-8th, but I'll try. If this ^^^ guy goes, I'm leaving my liver at home.
  14. Awww yeah, you were selling an $18k trans. I wasn't about to jack up a deal like that with a bunch of my stupid drunk comments. (yes time have changed) LMAO. Didn't get a coozie all day . But seriously bro wish we would have stopped back by to BS with ya. Was a krazy long day, went to work, E-cig convention, SSSS, then off to the HOB to see 'The Iron Maidens' . got home after 3am. We'll catch up with ya Sean @ the D. Oh, I did win some Techni-Ice thou. R-
  15. I'll be there Friday ( tomorrow ). I'm down for the $12 beers. What -R-U-gonna do? Hope to see some DDR peeps . And some cool sand chit too. Needin' a season pass and some paddles. Lookin' forward to the D. R-
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