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  1. I say of tecopa doesn't want ppl using trails around there then all the duners quit dumping and stopping in tecopa
  2. More california craziness, they won't stop til it's all shut down.
  3. This seems like a dumb idea for them. Wonder why....never seemed to be an issue before but now it is. You would think they would welcome it for business.
  4. The dunes should be in great shape. They were awesome today after all that W.
  5. For as many ppl that were at comp sat night, there didn't seem to be as much action on the hill....maybe a good thing. Sucks the wind had to come a little early, caught folks a bit off guard and trash was everywhere sunday. Great trip overall for me....took forever to get here then poof, over in what seemed like an instant. Big shout out to the haunted house folks, seemed bigger this year too. We left Monday....minus the trash the dunes were amazing, so smooth. Should be a good weekend coming up for those that are going.
  6. Not as bad though has a couple weeks ago
  7. Pretty sure they cannot do that with the drones for that purpose of overwatch. They can only use it for what you mentioned with the fires, but yes they can Def pinpoint with fine accuracy. As far as the witches eyes, yes there are a lot of them and there's a few that are in the middle of what were normal transitions. I guess all our money spent on passes is going toward bringing firemen in vs fixing the terrible road.
  8. Good thing all our money we spend on that place can afford someone to fix the road smh....
  9. I'm literally fearing for my motorhome and tearing it apart on this road it is as bad as I've seen it since coming out here
  10. Can't wait! Has anyone been out recent to see how dangerous the dunes are after the summer W? We have a small group going this coming weekend for Columbus day. ...figure we'll be taking it easy. back to back trips for me
  11. Have they done anything to the road over the summer?
  12. I've not seen them use it yet, every time i see them grading it's with the old grader.
  13. I'm counting! I will only have 30 days to wait once I return to the states
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