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  1. I've not seen them use it yet, every time i see them grading it's with the old grader.
  2. I'm counting! I will only have 30 days to wait once I return to the states
  3. saw a few RZR's that late afternoon jumping that area. looks like they were all nose diving. I haven't seen hardly anything jump that area that didn't nose dive to be honest
  4. Sounds like Glamis, not Dumont. I've never had any trouble when I'm obeying the laws. We had them come up to our camp one night and confiscate fireworks that they saw us shoot off but....they are illegal out there so I shouldn't have had them anyway.
  5. Well, there's another one Jan 16th 2016 haha.
  6. so where are the sand drags taking place? are they at Dumont? I saw on FB it says something about toward baker for the sand drags.
  7. I think it's going to be hot for Halloween.....it's trending that way. I actually thought it was pretty hot the last 2 years honestly. The year before last I think it was low 90's one day and last year one day was decent the other felt hot...very little wind.
  8. saw quite a few tent campers near outhouse 6 all last year.
  9. I think the 110 degree weather might keep people away.
  10. nice that you got it back but it sucks it was stripped down.
  11. I had a set of these prior to getting into a bit more HP....loved them and DEFINITELY could tell the difference in acceleration. Held the side hills nicely, great duning tire. I priced a new set ....good lawd.
  12. it was a pic in that link I provided.....they don't do times...just who crosses the finish line first. Only instance where they would do times would be at a drag strip that is set up for times. That said, there were lots of radar guns out there and the top one reached 100mph...several in the 70's, 80's, and 90's for the top built cars. Some of the other recreational type cars were probably between 30 and 50, no one really put a radar on those.
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