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  1. but anywho... married a chick thats WAAYYY to hot for my lame a$$. have a 1 year old boy that kicks a$$ and another small child on the way. hope to god another boy. own a small auto repair shop in iowa. was gonna move back to vegas but got hung up on a damn woman. jeebus. but shes cool as hell. miss dumont like crazy, keep telling the wife were going there for vacation soon. i will pay shipping if anyone can send me dumont sand. i heart dumont..... NOTHING HERE!!! suuuuuuuuuucks. whats new ddr!????!!!??? holy eff... i have 2 login names. pete fix this. just use the trqjnky name. eliminate the noone name.... im cornfused.
  2. Cole drank all my beer so steve brought some out for me and I never paid him back.
  3. Son of a. I meant yz250. Stoooooopid auto correct
  4. I was just wondering. I sold the yz S250 in favor of a buggy on 2.5 ton Rockwells an 46" tires I built from scratch. I miss you Vegas peeps......heY hey peeps!! Can you guess who this is? ill give you a hint. I owe stevo a 12 pack of bud light and will pay him back if hes still alive.
  5. i will try. its awsome, the waterpark shuts down at 9, then turns into a 21 and over bar at night!
  6. yea, thats the day im looking forward to!! oh, and tonight, waterpark turns into a bar after hours. bikinis, booze, and lazy rivers!
  7. trqjnky

    excuse me...

    for a one time only fee, make your manhood gain size in days! only 19.99 for a three week supply!!!
  8. In a van , down by the river...
  9. since theres no sand here, i built this to keep me occupied... The beginning.. 500 dollar jalopy with a blown up 305.. PUT IN THE 383... Aluminum heads, roller motor, about 550hp and 530 ft lbs tq And just because... snapped the bellhousing, so i put on an ultrabell bellhousing.. AS MY PILE SITS NOW, 38.5X15-16 BOGGERS, d44 front and 14 bolt rear with spools. ALSO HAS full hydraulic steering to turn the big tires. BUILT THE CAGE MYSELF.. you can sorta see it in teh following pics, also put 5 point harnesses in..
  10. Insane with the coathang?!!!
  11. ok ill bite, how much did you pay for them cole, we can see your itching to tell us.... lol
  12. trqjnky


    words cannot describe..........
  13. thats high class here in Iowa... jeez. lol.. some rigs i see just stun you for a moment.
  14. trqjnky


    all i can say is metallica needs to hang it up. new songs are only halfazz. as far as staind, id rather listen to elevator music.
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