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  1. I was reading this, looking for the pics of puke all over the side of the car, and saw him kneeling there. The car's all clean, and I thought, weak pics...and then I scrolled down a lil more...... well played sir, well played!
  2. The new job thru a company picnic a month or so ago. BBQ, Sno cones, rides, and attractions. It was impressive! At the end, when everyone was leaving, these guys gave my little guy an e ticket ride. He's not gonna forget this anytime soon
  3. Sounds good. Watching on the water would've been a cool way to end the day, but I'm not familiar with the area, so I thought I'd ask. Veterans park it is, for Fireworks and Toby Keith songs
  4. We have rooms booked for Mead. I have a 5 day weekend from the new job, and it's gonna be awesome! Does anyone know a spot to watch fireworks nearby: anything close where we could stay on the boat and watch, or drive in to Vegas?
  5. Truly sorry to hear...Prayers for the family.
  6. Very sad; but unless toxicology reports indicate otherwise, an accident is just that, an accident. No manufacturer is to blame. The state doesn't need a $1,000,000 safety sign campaign(that prolly wouldn't help), or any more wasted dollars in regulations and requirements. Just pause for a moment and think about the families of the victims, and how their lives will be forever changed, regardless of the cause of the incident. Prayes for all involved.
  7. I've heard good on the chevy ecotech motor as well. Lightweight lil' 4 banger.
  8. doh, I see it now...reflection of the hand is holding the smart phone
  9. I see it in all the pics. Something in the film development? or on the lense maybe?
  10. I sent my buddy a link; he may be calling you. Nice looker, and a good price. GLWTS
  11. Ended my season with a bang...or maybe a snap, then grrgrrgrrgrr :P I'm gonna need a few mendeola recommendations in the So. Cal. area

  12. Yah, I'm not going any taller, because of the 4" jump in dia.. Grant insisted on dune sports, which is what I was after(keeping the slidablity). It's just deciding on the width now...14.50 vs. 16.50s And as it turns out, my season is done now anyhow. I was riding my bike this Sunday, and my car got stuck. I jumped back in my car with my riding boots on, and I committed the unforgivable sin of using reverse. Not having the "feel" for the pedal, due prolly to the boots, I'll soon be making a contribution to the metal recycling industry, with the innards of my mendeola
  13. These already have it. Yah, Tim swore by it. I noticed when I bolted up the spares , and had the paddles on their side, I'd get a puddle of the stuff weeping out. I had checked the beadlocks first, but thank you...both great ideas. Went over to Funco yesterday...walked in the doors, toured the shop... again...and again, I swore I could hear angels singing I told him I'd give my teeth to work in a shop like that Class act over there, Grant helped me with a few parts, and with advice. He said absolutely, to change them out. Once the chords are showing, frayed like that, it's just a matter of time before the whole tire comes apart. He also said to stay with that brand(which I knew). unfortunately, it's that diameter, or +4", which sounds like a huge jump in final drive ratio, which he discouraged. I believe I'm going to step up to the 16.50s. He said no change in diameter, but would offer a bit more bite. He caught me gawkin at the new lines of gen 6. My specs would put me at $115k Prolly not gonna happen
  14. The 14.50s only occasionally leave marks on the just trailing arms, so I'm assuming its happening in turns/tire distortion. I always set them at 15 psi, to ensure a lil extra tire spin, hoping to increase trans longevity. They do however bleed off psi. I'm at the point of adding air every morning before a run now
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