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  1. Wow that was a good score looks super clean enjoy and congrats
  2. We are essential and working, was off 2 weeks not feeling well our protocol is to be off, tested and negative, back to work, Doing a complete remodel on our yard trying to get as close to zero maintenance as possible. Hoping they get our dunes opened up soon did a soft open this week end at 2 location's for the local communities only. will have to see how it goes pretty sure the Governor is not going to let them open to everyone for the holiday weekend so 3 days to work on the yard.
  3. We went to the Grand Canyon had a blast checked out Horseshoe Bend and then up to Lake Powell. We also did day trips from Williams Az to Sedona and Prescott Valley. Haven't had a chance to upload pics yet will try and post them later. The Van looks awesome Pete.
  4. Posted in Oregon Dunes a short report and a few pics of first of June run
  5. gbrsand


    All work and no play makes Jack tired guy
  6. Would vote if I could find the ballot box
  7. Great report Pete sorry we are so far away and have the car apart would have loved to help with the clean up. Shredding some sand would be great also. I think you should post the sun rise photo in the March pic of the month would get my vote for sure awesome shot, there is a lot of great pics but that one is special.Thanks for the report.
  8. Awesome video thanks for sharing your great work. We are doing our winter work on our car now this makes me want to get done and shred some sand if the sun ever shines up here again.
  9. Awesome report Pete and some great pics thanks for sharing, like the new ride also.
  10. I think it is great, nice change for sure
  11. Looks like a great place to visit and thanks for sharing that great story
  12. Have a Merry Christmas from ours to yours
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