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  1. Can’t wait to see everyone and have another great weekend!
  2. Love it! We'll be out Thursday. Merry Christmas to all... Have a wonderful , safe weekend!
  3. We can’t wait! Looking forward to an awesome weekend with everyone! We will be out Friday afternoon.
  4. What the hell happened to the Tiki at North Pole?? We were here yesterday & it was here and today it is gone... wtf? Have some respect!!
  5. Heart-breaking witnessing and hearing about these accidents. Positive energy sent and prayers for healing, for the lives affected by this accident. Be mindful and safe out there..
  6. I am so glad to hear that Sergio is making progress.. I have thought of him constantly and prayed every day for his future. I knew that he would suffer from his spinal cord injury and his arm.. I'm just so grateful for all the amazing people who were there to help. I held his c-spine stable, but his survival was a joint effort from many very loving, concerned duners. Thank you for the update, with tears in my eyes, again, I'm grateful to hear that he is making progress... I will never forget those eyes. I would love, if at some point, I could see him, please let me know. I can be reached
  7. This incident was incredibly sad to witness. My husband, myself and two of our close friends were the first to arrive and there were many other concerned duners who rushed to help. Accumulatively, it was an amazing effort on everyone's part. It was heart breaking to see such a tragedy, and by two people who were so new to the sport. Supposedly, it was there first time out at Dumont and using this Commander. I don't know that helmets would've made a difference in this case, but it definitely could've helped keep the deceased's head together. I stabilized the passenger's C-spine until param
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