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  1. @Steph0909 I saw you reply to another thread about a similar phone. Is this yours?
  2. Overall, it was a fun weekend! Not as packed as I thought it would be (I had no reference, since it was my first major holiday out there). We setup camp on Thursday morning, then it started raining. We decided to mob my Tahoe around, and got it stuck smh! I don't know if they're on here, but when we got my Tahoe stuck in the sand, part of the dune masters group, some guys from Idaho, and a group from Long Beach (name was Jake?) came out to pull us out. We owe you all six packs haha!
  3. This was my first time camping at Dumont on a big weekend, so it really threw me off. Usually, we're down in Ocotillo Wells, and I haven't had as much of a problem down there. I'd rather see citations handed out for this than fireworks lol
  4. I wanted to bring this up, because it is a HUGE safety concern of mine. (I'll preface my statement by saying I pretty much only see this problem with SXS guys) Over the weekend, we were sand blasted multiple times by guys in Side by Sides driving extremely aggressively no more than 30 feet from our camp. We weren't camped near a dune, or anything. We were right in the middle of the staging areas. We had cones setup, and people were racing past at 40, 50, and 60 MPH, while we're sitting around our camp fire. Really???? It's not like they were a football field away, they were only a few feet from our motorhome! This is a huge safety concern. Do these laws not apply at Dumont? Does anyone else experience this? If you're going to shred, can we not do it near camps?
  5. We were going to roll in this evening, but with the wind/snow/rain predictions being as poor as they are, I don't want to risk it. We'll be rolling in tomorrow morning, since there's supposed to be a break in the weather (according to fox 5 LOL). Keep the reports coming. If possible, shoot us an update this evening!
  6. Bummer. I guess that's better than a $100 citation for no pass haha!
  7. We'll be coming out early Thursday morning! A few of us coming from Las Vegas, and a few of my buddies from San Diego. Looking for a cool group to hang with if possible. My wife will be out for Thursday only (because she works black Friday weekend at Caesar's Palace). Will she need a permit for her car if she's just there for the day? I'll have one for the RV, and my truck, but don't really want to drop another $40 for her car haha.
  8. Everyone has their calling in life, and I think you have given me mine haha! #fireworksmatter
  9. Man, that's the best part of being out in the dunes! Ya it illegal blah, blah, blah. I mean, is the firework "problem" at Dumont any worse than Johnson Valley, Ocotillo Wells, *whispers in fear for offending rival forums*...Glamis? To me it's not. Regardless, I still may reconsider bringing my immense firework investment out for Thanksgiving then Lol
  10. Finally pulled my bike out and did a full service for this upcoming season. Any moto guys going out for Halloween? I'm looking to tag along for Saturday the 26th.
  11. So glad we came together to take care of that! You're the man @dunefreak
  12. We’re moving from Salt Lake City. I grew up in San Diego, so it’ll be good to hit the California spots again!
  13. Well, my wife and I just finished up a trip to Las Vegas to finish up signing for our Condo! I’ve been looking for an excuse to move to Vegas for about a year, and my employer offered me a transfer to the Las Vegas office! We’re stoked to be closer to Dumont, as well as Glamis, OW, and Johnson Valley. We’re excited to have paddles on our bikes all winter, and get to know some of the local Dumont regulars. Here’s some pics from our MLK weekend trip.
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