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    Grant Urry
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    I like dirt bikes, hot dogs, and my hot Latina wife.

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  1. Everyone has their calling in life, and I think you have given me mine haha! #fireworksmatter
  2. Man, that's the best part of being out in the dunes! Ya it illegal blah, blah, blah. I mean, is the firework "problem" at Dumont any worse than Johnson Valley, Ocotillo Wells, *whispers in fear for offending rival forums*...Glamis? To me it's not. Regardless, I still may reconsider bringing my immense firework investment out for Thanksgiving then Lol
  3. Finally pulled my bike out and did a full service for this upcoming season. Any moto guys going out for Halloween? I'm looking to tag along for Saturday the 26th.
  4. So glad we came together to take care of that! You're the man @dunefreak
  5. We’re moving from Salt Lake City. I grew up in San Diego, so it’ll be good to hit the California spots again!
  6. Well, my wife and I just finished up a trip to Las Vegas to finish up signing for our Condo! I’ve been looking for an excuse to move to Vegas for about a year, and my employer offered me a transfer to the Las Vegas office! We’re stoked to be closer to Dumont, as well as Glamis, OW, and Johnson Valley. We’re excited to have paddles on our bikes all winter, and get to know some of the local Dumont regulars. Here’s some pics from our MLK weekend trip.
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