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  1. Dang, that's harsh..... I give the guy a lot of credit for originality and if I had seen it, before it closed, I might have bought it just for the conversational value. It would look good sitting next to my FLHTCI.....
  2. The added services I was referring to was compared to just plain old BLM land, which is basically no services. The payment is to pay for the added services as opposed to none. Get it? Sheesh...
  3. You can't go anywhere without one of these. I'll make you a killer deal!
  4. One death a year is too many. BUT we play in a high risk sport and there will be accidents. No one is holding a gun to our heads. Most of us are adventure seekers and with that mentality comes risk. JMO
  5. ^^ Maybe you could become a sponsor in trade?
  6. Brad, Well written. As a single Dad of three kids, I heard every word. Welcome to the board. Cute kids BTW....
  7. Yeah, but I don't need lights at night! Maybe DDR should think about something like it. Everybody knows that DDR peeps are faster!
  8. That car looked like an ice skater in a full body cast! :whacky101:
  9. Hey redswr, Are you left handed?
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