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  1. theres me in the background beatin the $h!+ outta my bro
  2. wuts the percentage of the population that rides and then add the percentage that supports the riders...can they really stop all of us from runnin through there?? gotta get more organized and storm the boundaries in large numbers...THEY CANT STOP ALL OF US!!!
  3. hey man thanks for comin out and takin pictures i was the dude on the white bike hittin that one jump id have to say that ive never done any jumps that big till this weekend alot of people hittin huge gaps and tabletops makin it look easy then i got my 12 y/o cousin and my bro who just started ridin a bike 4 trips ago...both either just as good or better than me im like dayumn did they grow some nuts over night? rode non stop sunday with 3 15 minutes breaks in between so im sore great weekend gotta get some stuff fixed on my bike i know this isnt the place but might as well kill 2 birds with one stone my crf 450 is now havin problems startin hot or cold...used to start up one kick. no loss in power runs fine when started jets or valves?? on top of that the weld broke on my pro circuit pipe anyone know if pro circuit will fix it up?
  4. motoxman30

    Big Bear

    pep boys 60 day refund if the chains arent open
  5. motoxman30

    Big Bear

    very nice it was amazing i went to mtn high on wednesday stuck on the 14 for 4 hours once we got up to soledad 2 feet of snow on the side of the roads snow all through pearblossom and palmdale :ah: needed chains to get up to mtn high didnt put em on pulled over to the side of the rode and got stuck :gayboy: very icy came back down with no chains now i can return em California needed this
  6. back to workin on my bike again changed the sprocket and chain need new bearings tho bought the bearings from rocky mtn but theyre too small i have an excel pro series hub on a 2003 crf 450r i talked to excel and they said it was a different size bearing that i could get from parts unlimited but parts unlimited sells only to local retailers and none of my local retailers carry it :gayboy: so i been lookin online but cant find anything t5hey said the part number at parts unlimited was 6005 couldnt find it any help would be appreciated leaving on sunday
  7. just got the bad news read the recent truck trend guess ford is stoppin the production on it theyre thinkin of puttin the new motor in the newer trucks tho that sux i was lookin forward to this o well :no_no: looks like ima have to put the money into my next truck just like everyone else
  8. we need another crash in the stock market :shout: speculation is startin back up again :no_no: the saudis shut down part of their operation so it shot up $7 a barrell to 47.41 hopefully those speculators lose everything...theyre stealin from us i know wut id do if i saw one on the street :shout:
  9. :ah: dayumn dude 21 gs...from 33 dude thats amazing u are blessed lol im lookin for a crew cab ford just like that a lil bit older tho for under 10 gs found a couple at 10 can pick one up at the salvage yard for 6 but the key was broken off in it so when are we gonna see that bad boy out at the dunes with it lifted and jumpin?
  10. DAYUMN DUDE i thought i was pushin it in my chevy regular cab short bed 4 people in the back 4 people in the front with illegal substances in the car i cant believe it tho wut an awesome truck good idea gettin rid of those rims...need some black offroadin ones i aint gonna lie and say im not jealous thats wut i need how much $$$??
  11. idk ive seen bigger air than that and that seems like a decent jump too except it kinda tweeks u up towards the top landing on a downhill eases the pressure on the suspension but it looked like he was leanin too far to the right indeed i liked the airtime
  12. yeah ill admit they make a few upgrades to the truck for the baja....its gotta have enough power and they probably lighten it up a bit hopefully chevy follows this example it would be awesome if they started producing these on the assembly line :black:
  13. nah bro they said they tested it for durability did 1,000 miles off road out in nevada over woops and little jumps thats where theyre smart...workin out all the kinks but its a truck dude...its not like a trophy truck with the 3 feet of travel so any air on a stock truck is amazing one of my buddys has got a ranger with all the suspension on it..he went over a speed bump and the hime joint broke on it. so with the stock suspension being wut it is it shouldnt have many problems for the moderate offroader....theyre even talkin bout racin these in the baja 1000 ford kicked it up a notch on this one hopefully chevy will follow but one of their main truck factories in michigan shut down a few months back
  14. cmon man it dont matter whether ur a ford fan or a chevy fan uve got to admit...its about time they came out with something like this just the way it floats over those woops i like chevy and ford. ...the two top companies but then again i wouldnt mind a dodge ram or a titan right now this is goin on my christmas list if i could have this truck id be stoked and im readin in truck trend that its gonna be a "value price" cant wait
  15. they got a video of it doin a lil jump somewhere on youtube i wanna know the price probably mid 30s no doubt
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