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  1. Oh yes the part that pisses me off almost more it being stolen is this
  2. We dropped off the guys registration that he left in my wife’s truck to north Las Vegas substation and the officer who took the registration looked up the guys info then went around the corner talked to another plain clothes officer for a while came back and said they’ll investigate further and knock and talk to the guy . We’re just happy we got it back in not too bad of shape , I still think he should be on America’s dumbest criminals for leaving so much personal crap in the truck I mean how stupid do you have to be to leave your own registration in a truck you stole .
  3. We finally recovered it back the next night in the neighborhood of Washington and Torrey Pines , the idiot that stole it should be on Americans stupidest criminals he left his work tools his air nailer his nasty cologne bottle in the glove box his cd pack in the ove box his straw cowboy hat and his own registration for his truck between the drivers seat and console the address was two blocks away from where we picked it up .
  4. Update our truck rolled out the gate at 10:28pm another truck very similar to her’s in front of ours lights off on our truck it has aftermarket very bright headlights so they were turned off and then turned on after they hit the street. Any help catching these pieces of dog crap and then again there not even on dog crap level people
  5. My wife’s baby was stolen this morning from our complex (gated) for all the good that does. Around 4am this morning 4/30/20 , plates read PATSY 1 it’s a red F-350 2002 with the sought after 7.3 and no oil leaks mileage was about 184,589 there’s a red Iron cross Dumont sticker center of rear window . Police report already done , insurance company also done Any help or leads is greatly appreciated her number is 702-701-6991 her name is Patsy my is Tom 702-994-6607
  6. Great job Pete than you for keeping us alive and well
  7. Is the government shutdown going to affect the March clean up , we will be there that weekend on vacation anyway.
  8. This is my honey’s daughter Marsha and her fur baby’s loooking towards pit toilet 7
  9. The Shell gas station on lamb and I-15 is pretty easy to get into and out of
  10. Yes I agree very cool aerial picture of Dumont
  11. Thanks for all information, were going to take it to Underground Diesel , anywhere between $230 to drop the pan and check for shavings in the tranny oil and about $3500 to go thru the tranny . But we’ll get it done and add a bigger cooler to it for added piece of mind and should be done anyway
  12. Oh sorry yes we’re here in Vegas , I was thinking about taking it to Underground Diesel for a estimate since they specialize in this type of thing.
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