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  1. Great job Pete than you for keeping us alive and well
  2. Is the government shutdown going to affect the March clean up , we will be there that weekend on vacation anyway.
  3. This is my honey’s daughter Marsha and her fur baby’s loooking towards pit toilet 7
  4. The Shell gas station on lamb and I-15 is pretty easy to get into and out of
  5. Yes I agree very cool aerial picture of Dumont
  6. Saved ours on our cell and print one also
  7. Thanks for all information, were going to take it to Underground Diesel , anywhere between $230 to drop the pan and check for shavings in the tranny oil and about $3500 to go thru the tranny . But we’ll get it done and add a bigger cooler to it for added piece of mind and should be done anyway
  8. Oh sorry yes we’re here in Vegas , I was thinking about taking it to Underground Diesel for a estimate since they specialize in this type of thing.
  9. Hello everyone, we need some advice as to who recommends what shop to take my wife’s F 350 7.3 ,for transmission issues it has stock tranny cooler but it still overheated on the last small hill on us 127 After Tecopa , just to the yellow on the gauge, OD off but it was still blinking and after we pulled off into Dumont road it was cooled to normal by then but now it slips when starting out of drive with the OD off or on checked the fluid level at the entrance of Dumont road and was down just a bit but added some to top to the full mark and it doesn’t leave a puddle when sitting but did notice some under spray under the truck and a little over spray on the right fender of our trailer which is only 20 footer , trailer and cargo maybe 4500 pounds maybe less any good shops to recommend. Thanks for any and all recommendations. We also rolled in last Thursday to this both Pay stations were shot up and card reader ripped out of both machines.
  10. I agree it's very easy and put together very well
  11. This is my wife's and mine 660 Raptors and her F-350 in the background This is my wife's and mine 660 Raptors and her F-350 in the background
  12. I would like your advice in buying a flag pole and mount for my wife's 2002 F-350 lighted and not lighted preferably mounted in the rear stake bed holes and plugged into the trailer light socket , Thank you for any advice
  13. We'll be out there starting Thursday on vacation anyway and would be glad to help out . Last trip out there we packed out a canopy frame some lazy idiot left, we'll be across from #7 next to the finger dune
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