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  1. I have a Chevy 4.3l in my old car and it worked well, always ran perfect, made good power, easy to maintain and parts were always easy to get from auto stores. 091 did really well handling the power.
  2. Chevy 4.3l with break in time only, motor rebuilt by local mechanic with warranty till April 2019. wide body beam car, seats 4 currently, could easily add bench to seat 5 comfortably, has adjustable pedals and drivers seat to accommodate all size drivers. 091 trans, was told by previous owner has weddle gear set, have not opened to verify. Has roof rack for storage, runs great in sand and desert, definitely more of a dual sport car than a sand rail. Has paddles and ready for a new home, but today and enjoy tomorrow. Only thing missing from pics is the lights, was going to switch to leds, and bought new car. $12,500.00 matt 805-732-6891 will consider partial trades, need some funds for the new car.
  3. Will that remove the add? Still have the weekend warrior for sale. Is there a way edit the add?
  4. 06 weekend slc3995 with 3 ft added when built, $19500 or trade. has single pull down queen in back, couch slide in dining area and bed slide in bedroom area. 5500 Onan, 120fresh water, 4-6 volt batteries, 2-7 gal propane tanks, 2-30 gal fuel stations, needs nothing but a new home. Has about 20ft to first cabinet. Flipped axles with blocks from factory. Matt 805-732-6891 Trades considered dirt bikes, quads, jeep, diesel pusher, FFL items, ammo, reloading supplies. You get the idea.
  5. Have a almost perfect Ragen bumper, should fit 07 and newer. This would be the white piece at the bottom of the door that holds the lights and plate. was going to put on new trailer, but decided too much work. There is one screw hole that is broken, but all others are perfect. It is a larger item, not heavy, but larger, if you require shipping, i will assist, but will not make the arrangements for you. Price $100; will consider trades, dirt bike, atv, quad related, camping related, tools, you get the idea. Matt 805-732-6891
  6. Have 2 that are better than 60%. Bfg AT tires. $225 Call 805 732 6891 matt
  7. nobody looking for paddles? Price too high?
  8. if you wanna convert swing axle to irs and you have a torsion tube, then you wanna get the IRS jig about $100 (so say you dont need, but makes life easy and they include a magazine article from Hot VW to show you pics and instrucitons on what you need to do and their recommendations) and IRS conversion pivots about $60 from pacific customs.com, it will cost you about $160 bucks and a weekend, but easy for even a novice fabricator to accomplish. I would know we just did my dad's and it worked out great.
  9. New Price! I have a set of ITP sand stars 20/11/10 and GBC shark fin 21/7/10, both are in great condition on rims with Honda 400ex bolt pattern. $150 for all four tires and rims. Matt 805-732-6891
  10. Looks like i ended up missing a great trip. Sucks to get all loaded up and then make it only a block away from the house. Pics to follow of my dad's first trip out with his newer trailer. trailer steps Vs. block wall.... The battle was over in less then a minute, block wall being the winner. Then the smell of propane fills the air due to the barbaque line next to the stairs being ripped open. Yeah i was so happy. :kissass:
  11. All this talk of little kids trick or treating, what about the big kids? I wanna be safe and trick or treat as well! I like Beer and Candy and other drinks. Hahahahaha Yes Halloween is for the kid in everyone is my thought. Hope to see a lot of people dressed up.
  12. Congrats on the new to you hauler, but as stated before 1/2ton truck and trailer longer then about 25foot is asking for trouble. (rear end, trans, motor) something in that order maybe the first two switched. Nice hauler though
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