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Lost Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix @ Dumont 1/28/12

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My dog Bobby went missing Friday night, January 28th. He is a 2 year old chihuahua/dachshund mix, 12 lbs, light tan fur (short) and was wearing a tan colored LL Bean canvas coat. He is not known to run off for more than 10 minutes without coming back around to check up on me. Our camp seached for him that night on the flats and told every other camp about him. I called into work and spent an extra day and night out at Dumont along with my dad to keep seaching. We searched up into the mountains headed towards the China Date Ranch, the flats including approximately 5 miles out from the north pole. We covered as much land as we could and notified every camp about him...many twice or three times. I have posted a sign with phone numbers to contact on the message board heading out the main road and have notified BLM. This dog is like my son and part of the family. A generous reward will be given. WIth the amount of effort that went into the search and making sure all camps knew about him he may have been stolen. If you have any information please let me know. My family and I are keeping our hopes up. Thank you for reading.


(702) 373-7925


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I saw the sign as I was leaving on Sunday evening and kept an eye out all the way to the road.Wish I could have been the one to return him to you. Don't give up, we have seen dogs come back after a long period. I was told on Sunday as a point of conversation that a dog lost at Dumont actually made it's way to Tecopa and the person who found him took a shot at calling the # on the tag and he got his dog back. Time away from the owner was 7 MONTHS!

So hope for the best and best wishes for the return of your friend.


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Thanks everybody. I am heading out there this upcoming Saturday morning to post something more than a scribbled piece of paper. Please click my photo and check him out. Any information is greatly appreciated!! He may have been stolen...with the extent of the search efforts it seems to be a good possibility. Generous reward for information. Thanks again everybody for reading.



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Click the "more reply options" tab at the bottom of the reply window; then click "choose files" under the attach files tab. Next click add into post to place them where you want them. If it won't work, you'll need to resize them down.

If you still can't get it, read up in the help pages:


Good luck; hope you find him :thumb:

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Can someone tell me how to post a picture in this post?

Go to More Reply Options.

At the bottom of the post you can see a tab to Attach Files. Go to Choose File and then once it has downloaded you can add to post.

You must have a picture no bigger than 1000x750 Pixels. In most cases you will have to re size your photo.

I also believe you can use Photobucket and copy the link straight into the post. Not sure how this works yet.

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