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  1. Love these Dune reports. Any weekend in the Sand Box is a good weekend. Great pics.
  2. Well i have had this truck since 2006 Been good to me. It was stolen this weekend just outside my home in South Pasadena, License Plate DUNEFIX Front windshield has a DumontDuneRiders.com Sticker across it. Brand new tires. Clean Truck. 134K miles. If anyone comes across contact me at any time. (818) 419-1189
  3. Looks like another great trip to the Dunes. Thanks for sharing
  4. Hoping to make it. Also making it out this weekend. Finally!!!! Not sure if I know what the dune feel like anymore. I know I miss the hell out of them!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Love the Umbrella! Looks like another epic dune trip. Nice and chill. I am ready for a trip. Long over due.
  6. Man looks like an epic Halloween. Always one of my favorite times to get out to the Dunes. What a crowd and looks like everyone had a blast. Going to get out on an off weekend or try to head out for a couple days on Thanksgiving weekend.
  7. Jakster884


    Damn first time in over 12 years not a single trip to the dunes. I am fugging up. Need to make some time coming up this October. I am slipping. But been working my arse off. Cheers to yall. Hope you had a great season and will be back.
  8. Gotta love this quote: I sat and relaxed with a water & sandwich. I was happier than sh*t. Sounds like another great trip.
  9. Looks Good. Too bad I wasn't in any of the pics, But if you dont get out you wont be in any pics
  10. Man so bummed I missed it. This was an awesome trip I have missed. Have to get out before the end of the year.
  11. Great Video. May the Force be with you..
  12. Damn wonder how that landing felt...
  13. Gonna make it out for a night Just to get out in the sand. My B day Weekend. Head out early Saturday and head home by Noon Sunday.
  14. Cool video with all the effects. X Rated and all the above.
  15. Looks like yall had a blast. Going to get out for Thanksgiving. Cant wait need some sand in my life right now.
  16. Thank god she is OK. Hope you are able to find this Person that did this to your little girl. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  17. Would be nice if all the douche bags never visited the dunes. Some people have no respect. Thanks for keeping the dunes cleaned up @Buggytrashdad
  18. Heading to the beach to relax in the sand best I am gonna get for a while...Plus its to damn hot in the valley. Need some ocean breeze
  19. Looks bad a$$ for sure... Nice travel and can hit any terrain
  20. Great deal right here. Ready to go...
  21. My only trip was to Glamis and one to Ocotillo which dont count. No dunes. I see light at the end of the tunnel though.
  22. Smoking Deal. If you have one of the VT670 I will take one. Whne you are in Los Angeles let me know. I can swing by and pick one up.
  23. Looks like Fun. Have to get out and stress relieve.
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