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Help with your dog in the Dunes!

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Some duners don't have the luxury of having a big rig to leave their pup in while they ride! Even if you do, if you aren't running your air conditioning and keeping your dog cool it can be dangerous to your pup. I love dogs so much and have a lot of experience with them. If you happen to be in the dunes when I'm there and you need someone to check up on your dog, hang out with your dog while you go out and ride, anything...I am here to help! While being in Dumont is always so exciting for a dog, they still need regular and intense exercise. I would love to take your dog on a little jog around the dunes, they always love it. Also, it is always a big problem around holiday weekends when there are a lot of fireworks....dogs can get scared and run away :( I have had my dog run away before...luckily some nice duners returned him. Sometimes cell service isn't great out there but ALWAYS have your phone number on your dog's tag! And always have them microchipped!

My cell is (818) 512-1555 and my phone works in the dunes. I will post the next time I'm out there and feel free to reach out to me :)

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That's very cool of you! We always hear of many people losing their dogs At Dumont, especially busy weekends like you said.

Welcome to DDR! I'm heading out tomorrow. Maybe we'll see ya out there this weekend. I'll be in the blue sandcar in my signature. Yell or wave if you see me.

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It's also really important to keep dogs on a leash or contained when they're outside. I see too many people let their dogs run loose. They could get hurt or lost. It's a huge "pet" peeve of mine!

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