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Help needed. reward

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I am reaching out to see how close and tight the "Off-road" community really is. This past weekend (saturday 1/28/17) I went with some friends and my youngest son to ride from Cold Creek to Pahrump and back. Knowing full well there was snow on the ground we thought we would see exactly how far we could make it and have a little fun in the snow.

About 1/2 way up the hill my son could no longer continue in the deep snow on his quad. I stashed it the best I could in almost 3' of snow in some trees. We continued on, no more than 1.5 miles up the trail when we couldnt make it any further. In the distance we could see a red truck coming up the trail, but it had stopped for a little while in one spot. That spot just so happened to be where my sons quad was stashed. On our way back down we came upon a husband and wife on utility quads stuck in the snow. While chatting with them they mentioned a red ford raptor and a white tacoma picking up a quad down the trail. 
At that point my heart sank... My son (14 years old) is devastated.. he worked his ass off for over a year to buy that quad and fix it the way he wanted. It took us maybe 10 minutes to get back to where his quad was. From there everything took a very bad turn, even worse. While trying to get down the hill to try and catch up with the red truck I came around a corner with 2 rzr's coming the opposite direction. On a narrow snow covered trail and no place to go... we collided. Thank god everyone was wearing harnesses and no one was hurt. (thank god) I sent two of my friends on to get to the staging area hoping that these people were only taking the bike down off the mountain. I was/am hoping that they thought it was stuck and someone went for help. All three rzr's were wrecked and only one was drive able (after swapping a flat tire) My car and one of the other rzr's had to be towed off the mountain which took roughly 3.5 hours. But no quad or red ford raptor to be found.. 

So I beg and plead with the off road community is as tight and friendly as everyone I've had the pleasure to meet. I'm offering a reward for the return of my sons quad. If you took it with bad intentions.. I only want it back and will NOT press charges. Again, I only want the quad back no questions asked. Attached are some pics of the quad. and if anyone sees it, can you please contact me. 

Thank you very much!






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Im on the lookout up north. Should be a fairly easy combo to find with the Red Raptor.

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This morning I received a msg here on DDR stating that they had my sons quad and wanted to get together to get it back to me. After a few brief messages we met up in a public area to get the quad. There are a lot of great people out there and this truly is an amazing community. When they came across it, they thought someone got stuck and had to walk out. The bike was just as it was and nothing done to it. So after all the bad news we read day in and day out... there are still some good people still out there

I thought my son was going to start hugging the bike when I got home.. :P:P


Just want to say thank you to everyone that shared my post and helped get my son his quad back! This community is like a big family! Thank you!





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