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First Trip of the 17/18 Season! 10/13/17

sand chick

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What a perfect weekend in the sandbox!

We headed out Friday afternoon after a half day of work. We couldn't wait to get back into the home dune sand box. We love our summer dunes, but there's nothing like having sandticipation for the going home to dunes that are just a few hours away. We arrived at 4:45 PM and couldn't wait to shred some sand!

As soon as we rolled in we dropped the door and headed out to check it out. The dunes were PERFECT! No tracks, ripples and rollers! Our friend thought Mike and I were going to have a dunegasum on the radio and as we talked back and forth about how EPIC they were, repeatedly!

We had a nice small little camp of friends and friendsamily. 

The W kicked up on Saturday and cleaned up all of the tracks we had laid the night before.

Our friends had their Can Am Max out in the sand for the first time, his first time driving in the sand EVER! And only his 3rd time in the driver's seat of an off road vehicle! And he WHEELIED THE MAX!!!!!!! Our other friend had his X3 out for it's maiden voyage, so Mike had his teacher hat on and we spent the weekend easy breezy cruising, and finding jump and wheelie spots when the sun was directly over head. While we were out playing, we saw a Max tip over, so in true duner fashion we rolled up, made sure they were ok and got her back up right. She had never driven in the sand before and had tried to make a tight fast turn, so we gave her some pointers and she was on her way.

We made the usual epic sunset cocktail run to the north pole slicing through the dunes like butter. We hung out and watched the sun set before heading back to camp for dinner and the first campfire of the season! It's not officially a season starter, until there's a camp fire!

Up early, before sunrise, for breakfast and one last dune run, before packing up and heading home. 

The dunes were perfectly AH-Mazing!! Couldn't ask for better conditions. It was so nice to get in a play weekend, before they get all tore up by the masses!

Some pics from the weekend.






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My family and I were out there this past weekend and it was our first time back in over a season.  I didn't realize how much I miss riding in Dumont.  The weekend was perfect, it was empty, the weather was beautiful, got to meet some new friends, and we couldn't ask for a better time.  We camped near bathroom 11, saw a bride a groom taking pics on a dune at sunset, looked like they were having a great time!  Congrats to who ever that was!!!  

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