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sand chick

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  1. Had to get up early and hit up the dunes, so we didn't miss the ride time. Yesterday it got toasty, and today is supposed to be hotter. But we're still at Dumont and having a great time! Didn't have to run the AC, but probably will today. Great morning and evening runs. Still shelfy.
  2. sand chick

    Summer Sand

    Just got back from the cocktail sunset run. The dunes are definitely "summer dunes" big shelves and witches eyes. But buttery smooth virgin dunes. Maybe tomorrow we'll stop where I can get pics.
  3. sand chick


    Just rolled in. It's breezy.
  4. Great vid! That is almost our exact favorite run too!
  5. Heading that way now! Get a full day of riding before the clean up begins!
  6. We're FINALLY able to get back out! Haven't been since MLK weekend! That's like a life time for us! Darn promotion to manager for me and Mike being an employee again! Ah life is good, even if the sand time has to suffer.
  7. Dune conditions are perfect!!!
  8. Great long weekend! Can't wait to get back out there!! Mike had a great 50th birthday spent duning with family and friends!
  9. I have a one cup "dorm style" coffee maker. I am the only one who drinks coffee, so it doesn't make any sense to have a big pot of coffee for one. For Cocoa and Hot Buttered Rums, I use your standard tea pot to boil water.
  10. I am the meat smoker in my house! I just graduated from the old watch it all day add wood all day smoker to a Pit Boss pellet smoker. Not as fancy as a Treager, but works just the same. I love it! I picked up a digital and blue tooth meat thermometer link to a similar one ----> Blue Tooth Meat Thermometer Smoking meat is totally addicting! I wish I could get one of those table top smokers to smoke meat in the dunes. Just a bit out of my current paycheck range. I have done many pork butts over night! That's how my ride got her name... LOL! Pork Butt! Just beating everyone to the Canned Ham joke, since I was the first in our camp with a Can Am (before the X3 came out). I just recently did 16 pounds of Pork Butt on the pellet stove, first big cook on it. That sold it for me! I grabbed the bone and it just fell apart... PERFECTION!
  11. Hey there was a girl on the stage too... We were literally right behind you when the po po showed up. We arrived probably about the same time and turned around as soon as they rolled in.
  12. We would always go the "back way" through Pahrump when we lived in the NW. We would would take a right on Leslie off of NV 160 and stop at the Coyote Corner on Leslie and Irene. Click for link ----> Coyote Corner I was always super impressed with their customer service, I would buy ice there too and the guy at the register would never let me carry it out myself. We had no problem swinging in with our 41.5 ft hauler. Going the "back way" towards Amargosa was actually only slightly longer, but a whole ton easier on both driver and rig.
  13. Playing as the sun fades on a great day at Dumont.
  14. I had a great time. Didn't bring my ride, just planned on camping and chillin. Arrived Friday night and got some pizza going on the pizzazz had some dinner, then headed to the camp fire for visiting. Played a couple rounds of beer pong. And ended up at the campfire chatting and visiting until 4 AM! I haven't seen 4 AM in a long time, well at least staying up until then. But the conversations were too good to stop. Slid into bed like a ninja and didn't wake anyone up! 8:00 AM later that day, up and ready to start the day. I was a bit worried about how Sandy, the new pup, would act with all the dogs in camp, but she did really good. Made some breakfast while everyone went on a ride. Tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't so Bloody Mary time it was. Hung out in camp visiting with everyone and introducing Sandy to the camp. While everyone went on another ride, I went ahead and laid down for a nap while they were gone. More like laying in bed reading my book, but it was relaxing. I had planned to ride shotgun with Mike up to our sunset hill. But Mike had other plans, and insisted that I ride shotgun for the sunset cruise. So I prepped myself for that! Maybe I'm just braver now or just driving my own, has given me a better perspective... but I had a complete blast! Watched the sun go down and then attempted to go over to the trunk or treat and find Jason, no luck! The turn out for Trunk or Treat was off the hook!!! We supported the vendors and bought some dinner, headed back to camp and everyone had gone to the haunted house. We heard that was pretty cool too. Then it was a run out to comp hill. Just in time to catch a glimpse of the dude stage... Hey, I didn't mind the dude stage, but I am a chick, so there is that! I know you dudes like to see the chicks up there, but sometimes its a nice chance of pace for us to get a turn! However the rangers made quick work of putting a stop to it, as they should. Back at camp and laughing our off until 2:20 AM. This was probably the absolute best Halloween weekend I have had out there in a long time, but this was the first Halloween in a while that we were actually in camp and not working our butts off on Vendor Row. Who knows, maybe I'll even ride with Mike again... I had so much fun I didn't take one single picture...
  15. Today's conditions were 90% windy with a 10% lightly breezy.... Still a good day. Relaxing. Some of the die hards still rode, it's season opener, and sandticipation outweighs the W.... Made a visit to Ba Bert and cleaned the sand off his memorial plaque... He needs a fresh Pepsi and cookies..
  16. Arrived at Dumont at 10:45 PM to perfect weather and the scent of fresh sand and dwindling campfires drifting through the air as I crested into the camp area... Chilled for a couple hours visiting before hitting bed... Dogs were up at daybreak... Perfect for a relaxing morning... We hit the dunes at 10:00 AM, stopped for lunch, back out, break until the sunset ride... The sand is perfect, dry, rippley, some razers and shelves, lots of blow sand, the lines were still good and the runs were fast, had comp to ourselves... Perfect start to our Dumont season...
  17. Sooooooo incredibly jealous!!! Be there in a week! Lay down some good fast lines for us!!
  18. Looking at videos and photos, making engine noises at my desk at work, while my co-workers look sideways at me..... *sigh* addiction is such a terrible thing...
  19. Thank you! She is really starting to come around and bond with me. That is a why did you stop look! She loves the Maverick and sits in it at camp, sleeps in the passenger seat, I think she might be an addict.
  20. As sandticipation kicks in full force, I find myself constantly looking at the weather report.... is it cold enough yet? How about now? And now? Welllll.... it's getting closer... it also looks like a wet start too... a couple of days dropping into the 80's!!!! Upper 80's yes... but 80's none the less... So when is your first trip planned??? Looks like Halloween for me, but I think I'll just leave my ride at home and go to visit and camp... too hard to ride out there..
  21. Sandticipation is kickin in full tilt! Come on October!!!
  22. I sold mine, cause, let's face it... I got old. I miss the feeling of sliding through the sand on my Honda. Doctor said no more... I still have to wear a neck brace in the Maverick. It's only a matter of time before I will have no choice but to get the neck surgery...
  23. It totally needs to be a meme! Haha!!
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