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whip requirements

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Whips are not required to be lighted. 

Whip must be 8' above the ground surface, flag: red or orange, minimum size, 6"x12" within 10" of the top of the whip.

It must be upright when the vehicle is stopped.


Off road vehicles need a whip all over at Dumont, road licensed vehicles need a whip while operating in the dunes.


And of course all vehicles must have headlights/tail lights after sunset.


It doesn't seem to me that the flag color is strictly enforced, but I still use a red flag to avoid potential problems.

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On ‎10‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 5:06 PM, Deserttrd4x said:

Hello everyone, I havent been to the dunes in years. Do I need a whip with lights to drive to comp hill at night in a truck? Thanks in advance and happy duning.


Nope, we have literally grabbed an ATV whip/flag off a Quad, zip tied it to the rear bed post (Whatever the hole is named) and were good to go.


Drive slow and careful, nothing worse then breaking down your tow rig that gets you back home.

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And don't forget to air down before heading to comp.

It's routine to see trucks buried to the frame rails, even 4x4 trucks, right where the finger turns toward comp.

It seems to be pretty soft and with people going every which way (clusterfock!) in that "intersection" momentum can't be counted on.


Nothing like being stuck in the middle of a sand interstate freeway!

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