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Fresh Paint


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Fresh paint on my turbo Audi, the camera on my phone isn't the best, just looking forward to some warm spring days in Utah where as dunin season is almost here.


Also looking forward to buggy week up at St Anthony Idaho, should be fun with old school and new school rails meeting up at the same time, for anybody who hasn't been Idaho Dune Rv puts on the event and its always a week to remember even tho every year I seem to break something.  Put it on your Calender's and make the treck to Idaho June 3rd thru the 8th



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Turbo Audi always makes for a conversation piece with buggy guys.  My good friend had a mid engine mazzone beam car with a 1914, and the thing ripped, I had a a chenworth tail dragger with a 2054 in it and I could never keep up with his little billy goat of a mid engine.  But one day he drug home a 4 seat cauliers customs long travel and started rounding up parts to do a turbo j35, mendola.  Well I wasn't having any of that so I bought a tubing bender, bent up a frame with a long travel beam, found a Audi transmission with 930 flanges, and slapped a v6 turbo up to it.  And when it was all said and done my 4 seat Audi sidehilled and handles amazing thru the whoops, but the only spots I leave my buddy behind is when he's fighting to keep the front end on the ground :)

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