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What do you love about dumont

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What is it about this place that always has us coming back? As a younger kid we would start our trips Wednesday night and have the entire place to ourselves until Thursday evening or even Friday morning. I still love the fact that on an off weekend we can go out and only have about 5-6 camps sharing the entire place.  The terrain variance from almost flat desert to huge sand faces is memorizing!  I love the way the wind has built the transitions to be so smooth from turn to turn, it is something that I have not been able to duplicate anywhere else. The amazing freedom you feel when you go out on that early morning ride on a motorcycle, being able to turn where you want, and go any direction with no trail holding you back. There is something about this place that is always different but always the same. 

























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There is a VIBE in Dumont. You guy from ultra Chill to Mega Thrill just 5 mins outta camp.

Camps are mellow and fun at night, we always get visitors from next door etc, have beers, chat and such. Never had a bad camping experience in the D.

Riding is EPIC, but be on your toes, Razors edge bite hard if they catch you slipping.

Watching my kids have a blast in the mall duns and going to the historical site are great fun for them and me.


I will go to Dumont anytime I can, there are never any "Ugh, maybe not THIS weekend because it's X,Y, or Z weekend.".

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I love the wide open space and the big little feel of the dunes. You can take a 15 minute ride just seconds from camp or spend all day out and take different lines and it never gets old or boring.  I enjoy a busy weekend or two just to chat with like minded people and check out everyones set ups and camps. But there is nothing like off weekends, quiet nights, stars as fas as you can see, and smooth sand all to your self. Great post, lets here some more!!!


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