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  1. I love the wide open space and the big little feel of the dunes. You can take a 15 minute ride just seconds from camp or spend all day out and take different lines and it never gets old or boring. I enjoy a busy weekend or two just to chat with like minded people and check out everyones set ups and camps. But there is nothing like off weekends, quiet nights, stars as fas as you can see, and smooth sand all to your self. Great post, lets here some more!!!
  2. First photo is my son in law and daughter, in their predator buggy, thanks for the shot.
  3. Should be there with my group Thursday through Sunday.
  4. The short answer is no, not at Dumont. Try Craigslist or a local company.
  5. Nice ride, GLWTS, theres something to be said about small and simple.
  6. Bad a$$, I could watch that all night. thanks for posting. Im fired up!!!!
  7. I have only had good experiences with BLM and I've been stopped at the entrance and asked if I minded them looking in my enclosed trailer, and I gladly did. Nothing to hide, including weed that's illegal or a pistol in plain sight. I too have a license to carry and it stays concealed and loaded. My experience has been positive and I appreciate their time and effort to keep Dumont open and safe. My only issue ever was the CHP who pulled over my kids for driving too fast in the camps (and they were) but the real reason they stopped them was to check for DUI. I was happy to let them explain why they should slow down in the camp area and wasn't worried about the DUI, we don't drink until the riding is done. Sorry about your bad experience hope you don't let it stop you from dunning.
  8. Nothing like an off weekend at Dumont. Thanks for the report and awesome pictures. Pumps me up for another trip soon.
  9. Great weekend, perfect weather, no crowds, super chill low key just my style. Wash was no big deal. I love off weekends with friends and family. Nothing better.
  10. If anyone can give some info on how bad they think the wash is going to be running please let me know. My group is heading there tomorrow morning, a little worried about taking the MH through. I guess worse case scenario we stay at little Dumont.
  11. Me too Im supposed to be heading there tomorrow.
  12. Just Badass, is this a promo for a full video?
  13. Vegas style your first picture is of our group, that's my razor, thanks for the picture!!!! We had a great trip, wind was no big deal, a little dusty in camp but the dunes were good. Lots of folks, everyone seemed on their best behavior and were cautious of each other. Saw the life flight roll in, hope everyone is ok. All in all great first trip, no break downs and my new motorhome is awesome.
  14. Cali is 65 ft total length regardless of combination, then there is the total weight issue, it also require a Class A license. Having said all that I double towed a 5er and boat for a couple of years with no hassles. Risk vs Gain I suppose!
  15. Great post!! Always take the time to relearn the dunes. They can change drastically from season to season or between trips. My families first ride every trip is a nice cruise around the dunes in daylight looking for hazards to avoid. Once we feel comfortable with the lines we rip it up! If you go on big Holiday weekends, ride early then just chill and enjoy the sights.
  16. Thanks for the video, man I'm ready for some sand!!!!
  17. Bad a$$! That would look great behind my 72 Scout II. The Swiss army knife of off road trailers. The design features are amazing.
  18. I fought a leaking water tank for two seasons, it finally cost me a week long trip over New Years. I finally had to pony up the three hundred-ish and move on. Repairs are just band aids, only one real solution.
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