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Buggy Roundup 7: Dec 13-15th, 2019


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Ok here it is, guys and girls! Buggy Roundup 7 is officially happening Dec 13-15th weekend, 2019.


Details on the event page and even more to come. 


Please RSVP on the link below so we have a head count of who's coming.


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On 11/9/2019 at 11:16 AM, Thd said:

First time going for us do we need to bring anything?when does every one show up thurs night or friday ?

What's up Tim. Nope, just bring your buggy. :driver:

Most people show up Thursday and Friday. I am hoping to be there Wed night this year.  

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There are actually a few things that would help us with this year's buggy roundup so if anyone can bring an of these items out, please let me know.

  • One or two EZ UPs
  • 2 or 3 folding tables and/ or picnic tables 
  • Possibly a large propane flat top griddle so we can have two large grills this year expedite the cooking
  • speakers with a microphone (DJ setup?)
  • Raffle prize donations: If you have a company or know someone who would like to help us with some items to be raffled off, please get in contact with me. We'll be hosting a raffle this year to help cover website costs and expenses associated with the buggy roundup (tacos, coffee, etc). 


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2 hours ago, DragonSlayer said:

First time coming out, and looking forward to meeting you all!!   We have an ez up and table as well, let me know.   

Awesome! Welcome to DDR and I look forward to meeting you as well. 


The EZ Up may be needed, but the tables are a definite. Thank you. 

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Super cool. Glad to see some new faces this year as well as the regulars that will be out. We are planning to have at least as big of a group, if not bigger, than last years. I'm actually most excited about sandcars & coffee! lol I plan on being up extra early that Saturday morning to brew coffee for everyone with our new catering style coffee makers! :coffee:

What do you guys think about making it be sort of a potluck style breakfast as well? Everyone bring a box of donuts, danishes, bagels or whatever to add to the coffee??

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Awesome. This year is shaping up pretty good. 


We may need a 3rd flattop gas griddle if anyone has one. It may help expedite the cooking. We're cooking up pollo & chopped carne asada. 



Oh and this is a no brainer, but FIREWOOD everyone. 🔥 :cold:

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9 hours ago, FireKracker said:

Copy that, EZ-ups, Wood (both hard and soft), flat iron grill, folding tables.... any flip cup?

Heck yes there will be flipcup. 


Saturday's "schedule" will go something like this...


Sandcars & Coffee: First thing you'll want to do when you wake up is to pull your car into the middle of camp at 8AM. Don't worry. We're not going anywhere for at least an hour or two when it warms up. We will supply & brew coffee for everyone. Please try to bring a box or package of donuts, bagels, or whatever to add to coffee.  Grab a cup of coffee, meet some new faces, check out all the sandcars, etc. We'll do this until around 10AM. 

Morning dune run: group ride :driver:

Buggy Weigh in: Ben will have his scales so we can weight some buggies again this year. 

Dumont / DDR/ buggy trivia: New for this year is trivia. We'll ask some trivia questions about the dunes, the website, buggies, etc. Winners will receive free tickets for the raffle  later that night. 

More dune runs: we'll squeeze in a couple more dune runs hopefully one of them being a sunset ride. 

Taco night: We will provide pollo & carne asada tacos & chips/ salsa for everyone. Optional: If you have something you want add to the spread, please bring it. This and payment is not required though. 

A raffle: This year we have some Buggy Roundup swag and some raffle prizes to give away! Raffle tickets will be given out for donations to the website and food costs. 

Camp fire shenanigans/ATC races?/ and FLIPCUP  :beerpint:

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