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Will a bunch of SJV clowns show up this year since Pismo Dunes are still closed?  I do not care for hundreds of Mexico flags when trying to enjoy a little time off with my American family..........well I just read many Halloween posts confirming D has been polluted by the inconsiderate inexperienced clown posse.  Few always ruin for the many.   See ya all on an off weekend soon.

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From Bill who runs the waterpumper event..
The annual Thanksgiving weekend Dune Master and Sand Piper Old School Buggy Sand Drags and Hill Climbs are on for 2020.
The Drag races will be Friday, November 27th starting at 10am on the flats on the way to the North Pole.
The Hill Climbs will be held on Saturday, November 28th also starting at 10am on the big hill just to the left of comp hill.
Spectators are welcome. Social Distancing and other Covid safe practices are encouraged.
Sorry, Participants are limited to Club members only due to our BLM permit and insurance requirements
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On 11/13/2020 at 5:31 PM, Drock87 said:

How can I join the cool kids club to go race in the sand drags?

It's a couple clubs out of California that race, Dunemasters and Sandpipers. You'll have to look into who's in charge, probably Bill LeFever, and see how you can join. I don't know that it is a club that just anyone can join though. They are all very close friends of 50+ years. 

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15 hours ago, Matthew said:

Heard passes are not being sold in Baker? Anyone know where they can be purchased? Is the kiosk the only place?

anyone know what vendors will be there?


Last I heard, the east Valero in Baker has season passes. That was Halloween weekend though. They may be sold out now. The kiosk sells passes good for 7 days. You can also get one directly from BLM by mail within a day or two. A complete list of places is on the passes page. https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/passes/


We just left Dumont yesterday and Short Bus Ice Cream was there, California Casuals, and Desert Bling. 



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6 hours ago, HTElectrical said:


I wanted to ask you how crowded it is so far, especially around bathroom 9?  Do you think it is going to be another sh*t show like Halloween was, in large part because of the Fking mariachi invasion?

Thanks in advance!!!!!




lol I don't see it getting as bad as Halloween. Alot of people were coming in on Sunday already, but it is not crowded yet even at bathroom 9. Let's hope the holiday weekends don't become what Halloween was every holiday. 

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7 hours ago, Stforlife said:

I saw a previous post about getting 7day passes. I just want to confirm I can get one at the kiosks. Shoshone doesn’t have any. @dunefreak


The kiosk at the entrance sells 7 day passes. All the pass info is on the pass page, https://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/passes/

Shoshone has never sold passes. 

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