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Veterans Hill swing set collapsed


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Hi all. I hate that my first post is under these circumstances but I wanted to let everyone know last evening my nephew was on the tire swing by himself when it collapsed. I’m grateful nothing happened to him but he and I felt really bad that whomever built it with they’re  money and time spent for all of us duners to enjoy with our friends and family is broken. I’m am not great with a welder but can someone point me in the right direction I will gladly pay for it to be fixed or get them there favorite beer. 

  Thank you Gary


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Looks like the weld snapped 

not your nephews fault 

I hear it’s in the works to get fixed. 
I’m sure it’ll be better than it was 

thanks for the post on behalf of all duners. Thanks 

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Hey Gary thanks for reaching out and posting up what happened. I'm glad your nephew is ok and wasn't hurt! The guy who put up the swingset is already making plans to remove it and upgrade it from what I have heard. There are many others who have helped to volunteer as well. I just hope that it doesn't happen again. I have mixed feelings on these things that have popping up at Dumont over the last year or so. :rolleyes: The swingset is cool and a fun place to visit, especially for the kids, but without having a set of safety standards, routine checks and maintenance, this is what is bound to happen. I know it is a huge liability for the BLM. The swingset at Glamis is insanely overbuilt and nothing has happened to it. Maybe the Dumont swingset builders can take notes? 😄 


Welcome to DDR by the way! 

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We visited it Saturday for the first time though we have driven by it dozens of times. I too have mixed emotions about the stuff popping up at various locations. Thanks for standing up and reporting the problem with the tire swing and thanks for wrapping the flag as to not touch the ground. I noticed the swing set has a solar powered light for the flag at night, hopefully the new tire swing will have the same. Cheers!

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