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New RZR 2.0 liter

White Rhino

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Correct. I'm pretty sure Polaris was a big part of making sure that SxS helmet law went into effect shortly after all the Rhino lawsuits. Therefore I would image the law will change when these hit the market because it would be in their best interest to do so, but who knows? As of right now, the new 2.0L RZR would no longer be classified as a ROV or SxS because it does not meet the cc requirement for the law as it's is stated by CA (link below). 




What is an ROV?
An ROV is a Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle and is designed specifically for recreational use rather than construction, farm or other utility use. An ROV is also commonly referred to as a Side-by-Side, a Recreational Utility Vehicle (RUV), or a Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV).

CVC Section 500 reads:  Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle means a motor vehicle meeting all of the following criteria:
   (a) Designed by the manufacturer for operation primarily off of the highway.
   (b) Has a steering wheel for steering control.
   (c) Has nonstraddle seating provided by the manufacturer for the operator and all passengers.
   (d) (1) Has a maximum speed capability of greater than 30 miles per hour.
        (2) A vehicle designed by the manufacturer with a maximum speed capability of 30 miles per hour or less but is modified so that it has a maximum speed capability of greater than 30 miles per hour satisfies the criteria set forth in this subdivision.
   (e) Has an engine displacement equal to or less than 1,000cc (61 ci).
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