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  1. January Dune Pic of the Month

  2. Anyone heading out for MLK weekend?

    Last year was wetter!! Great fun!!!!
  3. Anyone heading out for MLK weekend?

    We're there. At Logandale this weekend.
  4. January 2018 Dune Pic of the Month Contest

    Sexy Dumont pics are sooooooooo exciting!!!
  5. Dumont entrance road updates

    Ol' yeller, with a blade on the front.
  6. Dumont entrance road updates

    Thanksgiving, and NYE weekend the road was as smooth as could be asked for!! Cool to see grader dude workin on NYD.
  7. Liquid stitches

    How's the scar?
  8. January 2018 Dune Pic of the Month Contest

    From above, and away from a dry Comp Hill New Year Day, 1/1/2018.
  9. New Year Weekend 18 drone vid, just for fun..

    It was just UL'ed. Let it cook a day for 4K. That's YT, not me.
  10. Dumont wind issues

    Great weather, great sand, great people. Didn't want to leave. Plumber, and Mr Strictly are excellent drivers. I had a relaxing weekend. I like morning/evening rides. These guys killed it. WTF flew in? Nice touch and go. LOL
  11. Dumont wind issues

    Almost to Baker.
  12. Dumont wind issues

    Seems the worst has passed through Vegas. The last 2 hours were ridiculous. Driving through that, and I would've ended up in Golden Valley. Now I'm ready for a nooner tomorrow. Safe travels, fellas.
  13. Dumont wind issues

    We're down too. We'll be out Friday evening /Sat morn depending on work tomorrow. We'll be in the BR 10/6 area. Red Excursion.
  14. Dumont wind issues

    As far as heat goes, relax. Sunday evening will be warm, with a beautiful weekend to preceed. Thursday will be blinding. The rest of this weekend looks perfect. We'll be out there, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else(my 4* birthday). At least it'll be dry. It's been like riding on soggy diapers since NYE. LOL