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  1. This just in...

    4.2 miles of dirt now paved
  2. 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125. great shape. mint condition. no dings, scratches. no torn seat. knobbies and like new hardly used paddle tires included. new decals for male rider also. NV ohv registration good until Oct 2018. have title in hand. asking $2500 obo....now down to $2350 obo
  3. have various paddles for atv. mostly hardly used since don't like to ride with them, so been sitting in garage for mucho time. great shape and barely used. new tires run $75+ each and new rims run $75+ each... so a set (2) could be $300+........so I have listed next to them a price...price is obo... not much of a clue what worth except they are worth what they sell for paddles paddles paddles 1. ITP Dune Stars------22-8-10---------4x156---------------------------$200 obo...now $175 (for set of 2 paddles and 2 rims) - 2. Mitchell wheel (?) Dune Trackers-------22-8-10------4x144--------$200 obo...now $175 (for set of 2 paddles and 2 rims) 3. GBC Sand Skates II----20-11-8---2 patterns--4x110--4x130-------$200 obo...now $175 (for set of 2 paddles and 2 rims) 4 Skat Haulers for ATC Honda 70---3 bolt------------------------------$ 200 obo...now $175 (for set of 2 paddles and 2 rims)
  4. Honda 2004 TRX90 Sportrax 90. all stock. runs great. no dings. no torn seat. not really used alot. all kids too big for it now. great shape. always garaged. no holes in tires. everything works. original owner, bought new. local only. no shipping. asking $1250 obo.
  5. need a stock exhaust heat shield for a 2005 yamaha wr450...let me know for those guys with aftermarket exhausts that dont need the stock stuff...............thanks
  6. Dune Passes

    if going to dumont for weekend only, where do i get a pass? is there a machine on site at dumont that issues these passes etc? what weekends are considered holidays? thanks
  7. DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    seems to be ok..thanks
  8. DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    i did what you said...we will see tomorrow..thanks
  9. DDR updates coming for the season ahead

    is there any way that the time period can be made permanent for each person...i have to go into there each day and check the place for "new messages since last visit"...so in that respect is worse than the old version and more time comsuming and clicking thanks
  10. paddles not holding air

    slime is just that...slime. best is the antifreeze and alumiseal....have giant paddles that leaked in hours...since then never leak and never loose air
  11. Can-Am Maverick X3... Thoughts?

    like the rest....way over $$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. Gas Pump Bad

    did you get same pump that is in toyhaulers or change over
  13. Gas Pump Bad

    thank you...i will check them....is that where you got your new one?
  14. Gas Pump Bad

    no one has problems with th gas pump etc.......gpi type fuel station....where can i get pump or anyone that fixes these little motors..
  15. Gas Pump Bad

    have the gpi pump...wont run...not the gears...is there anyone in vegas that can check out these little motors to see if switches, windings or whatever are still working. i have power to the pump but no go... thanks