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    2017 Yamaha yxz 1000 ss, 2012 dodge ram 3500, 2008 weekend warrior full throttle
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  1. Found Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

    just saw this Buster. im glad you were already on it, I was going to call you
  2. 2017 Brick City Fab. cage for sale fits Yamaha YXZ. This is a full buggy style cage, 100% tig welded DOM steel. comes with 3 whip tabs, dual sun roofs, and 50 inch radius lightbar. all wiring ran internally with quick connects. cage and roof are powdercoated. only 2 trips and never been rolled. this is a hybrid cage between medium and tall. 2100.00 firm
  3. Looking for/Wanted Stock SxS seat belts

    I have my stock 2017 belts and hardware, funny I was just going to throw it away also. There off a Yamaha YXZ 1000 SS
  4. President's Day Weekend 2018

    now I have to watch supercross inside rv. damn. I understand im super busy too. caint wait for long travel to get here, they said like 45 days. debuts next season. but a little sneak peak
  5. President's Day Weekend 2018

    Cant wait. are you going to be out there Pete
  6. Anyone heading out for MLK weekend?

    Hopefully I see you on Presidents Day. slammed at work till then. but got some sic ass stuff coming for next year. wheels and tires are already here
  7. Had a great New Years, and hope all of you did to. did not get there till sat. perfect weather and left tues. Finally got to camp with Buster and Speed Racer Mike and the rest of their group. great times.
  8. Lost shih tzu dog / UPDATE: FOUND

    the dog was from my camp. his owners from Canada. what a cool happy ending
  9. Thanksgiving 2017 Pics

    First trip of the season was great. Good to be back. Busted a trailer leaf spring but fellow duners to the rescue
  10. Comp Is Lit

    that happened to me last year Pete, we all went out in a group and they parked and I never found them, crazy like 6 rows deep
  11. Camp fire Permits

    it only takes 5 minutes. I passed but my printer is acting up. it expires on 12/31/17 so you have to renew it again
  12. Who's ready and who's not?

    love hate, spent a ton of money on sxs but committed to Phoenix Nascar for 9 day trip the week after Halloween. hoping to do a 9 day turn around and be there for Turkeyday. had a blast last Halloween, totally packed but fun.
  13. 2017 Sand Sport Super Show

    I really need a better paying job.
  14. Vote: Sept 2017 Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    I knew you were going to bust my chops, haha. I will drop banshee