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  1. hope everyone is well. some things came up and had to sell my baby a few months ago. starting over again with bone stock 2019 Yamaha. see you in the dunes


  2. Thanks Svengoolie. You got half my car in your picture. fun times
  3. my sxs will be there at sxs addicts booth, right next to method wheels on the main road. stop by and say hi
  4. Yeah buddy come on down. I thought my sxs was going to be there with one of the vendors, but seems to have fell thru. oh well I will be there on sat.
  5. still no turbo, but in the works
  6. yes finally done and bad ass. need a cool day at Dumont to go test. Thanks Buster for all the hard work
  7. Did not have all the funds for turbo this year, but this is coming along nicely. Thanks Buster
  8. just saw this Buster. im glad you were already on it, I was going to call you
  9. now I have to watch supercross inside rv. damn. I understand im super busy too. caint wait for long travel to get here, they said like 45 days. debuts next season. but a little sneak peak
  10. Cant wait. are you going to be out there Pete
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