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  • Upcoming Events

    • 27 October 2018 Until 28 October 2018
      Although Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, Halloween weekend at Dumont is the last weekend in October (Oct 27-28). 
    • 22 November 2018 Until 25 November 2018
      Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 24. Load up the family and have your Thanksgiving feast out at Dumont Dunes. 
    • 08 December 2018 Until 09 December 2018
      It's our annual trip with all the buggies of Dumont! Come out and camp/run with everyone all weekend. More details to come. 
    • 28 December 2018 Until 01 January 2019
      New Year's Eve is on a Monday night, after the weekend. So try to save some energy from duning to party and kick off 2019! 
    • 18 January 2019 Until 21 January 2019
      MLK Day is on Monday. Not many people make this a big holiday weekend, therefore, it's been called a "duner's holiday weekend" in the past. 
    • 15 February 2019 Until 18 February 2019
      President's Day is on Monday. This is one of the biggest holiday weekends for Dumont Dunes other than Halloween & Thanksgiving. 
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