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Dumont News

New Years Weekend

The new year is upon us and it's time to say goodbye to 2016. Although it's a holiday weekend, New Years isn't a really big one compared to Halloween or President's weekend. New Years Eve lands on a Saturday night this year allowing duners to get their party on when the ball drops at midnight. Expect some cold temperatures as this is one of the coldest times of the year. Holiday Passes are required  Dec 27, 2016 thru Jan 2, 2017. 

4th Annual Buggy Roundup Dune Trip

Our Buggy Roundup Group Dune Trip will be Dec 9-11, 2016 at Dumont Dunes.
This is an annual Dumont trip for all the guys and girls who have buggies. We camp together as a group across from bathroom 10 on the hard pack. This way nobody gets lost or stuck. The Buggy Roundup gives everyone a chance to meet up, hang out, and run the dunes together without the madness of a holiday weekend. New to the Roundup? No problem. Just post up on the forum topic that you are coming and you're in. The circle is big and there's always room for more. We'll make a second ring if we have to. Many of us know each other, but many don't. One thing's for sure...at the end of the weekend, total strangers end up leaving as friends. 

Schedule of Events
There isn't one! This is Dumont. We don't look at our watches or have schedules. Sometimes we sleep in, sometimes we get up early to shred the dunes. It all depends on how much fun we had the night before. We usually hit the dunes runs whenever someone in camp yells, let's roll!

Buggy Weigh In: If Ben is able to bring his scales this year like he has in the past, you'll get a chance to weigh your car. Get a full digit readout of the weight at all four corners. Place bets and talk crap about how each others car needs to go on a diet! 

Tacos and UFC: This year we'll be hosting tacos and UFC! We'll be grilling up carne asada for everyone and projecting UFC 206 on the side of a trailer. Grab a taco and a beer and find yourself a spot around the fire.

Just post up on the forum topic and tell us you are in. Feel free to upload a pic of your rig and buggy as well. 
Side x Sides and Bikes
We don't discriminate, however this is the BUGGY roundup. Everyone is welcome to come camp with the group, but we ask that all bikes and side x sides hop behind the buggies on dune runs. It's for your own safety. Big cars don't mix well with bikes and side x sides. 

Last years trip report

BLM Gives Duners an Opportunity to Voice Their Concerns

The BLM held their latest Dumont Sub-group public meeting over Thanksgiving weekend at the Dumont visitor center. The meeting's objective was to provide the public an opportunity to participate in subgroup discussions related to management of the Dumont Dunes Recreation Area. The Dumont Dunes subgroup discussions and public involvement assists the BLM in managing the recreation area. 
This was BLM's first attempt at holding the meeting at Dumont. Usually the meetings are held on a Tuesday morning at the Barstow Field office and it is nearly impossible for the public to attend and offer suggestions or ask questions.
Over Thanksgiving weekend, a small crowd of duners showed up to the meeting at the visitor center. Some attended to get involved and voice their concerns, others didn't know what to expect and just wanted to be in attendance to see what the meetings were all about. A larger crowd was expected, however this was BLM's first meeting at Dumont and they hope that may change at the next one.
For many of those who attended the meeting, it gave them some insight as to how much the BLM actually listens to us duners. As a government agency, sometimes it's easy to overlook what might be a common issue or simple solution to everyday users of Dumont Dunes. Below are some of the topics that were brought up. These items are usually discussed further in detail or resolved at the next meeting. 
Single day passes Second vehicle passes The road maintenance, when to start maintaining & how often Vendor Row limitations The coning off of dunes Fireworks enforcement Camp racing, more enforcement Clean up to not fall on the Mint 400 weekend Solar light at entrance road Cell tower  
There are a couple of positions in the Dumont Dunes Sub Group open: NV OHV Enthusiast and Biological/Science Issue chair person
The next sub group meeting will be held on Saturday March 18, 2016 at the same location (visitor center) at Dumont.
It was voted: Dumont Clean Up at 8am, Sub-group meeting to follow at 12pm. 

Please come help keep the dunes clean and then give your concerns a voice.
Forum topic, 

Thanksgiving 2016 Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving at Dumont is more than just a holiday weekend. It's a holiday week. Duners started rolling in as early as Sunday in preparation for the big holiday in the sandbox. The early birds were no turkeys for getting there before the crowds. The dunes were still in great shape and offered some great duning and tranquility.
As the week went by, the dunes became more and more tracked out, but they were never super busy all at once. Thanksgiving may draw a large crowd, but it is usually spread out. Duners have the the long weekend to play so there is no rush to get out and pound the dunes like you see on weekends like Halloween or President's. There is plenty of time to relax or goof off in camp.


By the time Thursday rolled around, the camp area was filling in, but was significantly less people than Halloween weekend. As seen from the dunes above, the Dune Masters and Sandpipers' camp was easy to spot. Every year they are, by far, one of the largest camps out there.



Thursday was an extremely mellow day. After all, it was Thanksgiving! Feasts were prepped and turkeys were dropped in the cookers.
The one thing about Thanksgiving that is unlike any other day at the dunes is the smell. You can literally drive through the camp area and smell all the food cooking. 
Once it was time to eat, camps sat down together in true Thanksgiving tradition. 

Those turkey comas didn't stop some duners from having fun though. 

Unfortunately, Friday morning started off with a Blackhawk medevac hovering over the dunes behind Banshee Hill. There was a bad accident with a truck crashing and landing upside down in the early morning hours. Full story here, http://www.dumontduneriders.com/news/truck-crashes-in-dunes-requiring-rescue-thanksgiving-weekend-r103/
There were a bunch of duners in the dunes on Friday making for some tracked out dunes. Some chose to avoid the rutted sand by kicking back at Comp Hill to watch the annual waterpumper hill climbs hosted by the DuneMasters and Sandpipers Club.



As mentioned earlier, there wasn't quite as much action as Halloween weekend, but there was still that Dumont holiday buzz in the air. It's a wonderful sound.
Once the sun went down, the party began. Fireworks and lights lit the camp area up. 


Saturday's great weather allowed for some more fun in the sun. 

The waterpumpers drew quite the crowd along the back stretch of sand highway for the sand drags.


As the day wound down, the weather kicked up. Someone must have mentioned that W word! Around 5PM, 50-60+ mph gusts came up out of nowhere, whipping through camp forcing duners to retreat to their trailers and RVs. Many people got caught right in the middle of it while they were out in the dunes and at vendor row when it hit. Getting back to camp was a challenge since it was a complete white out! There was almost zero visibility but everyone managed to get back safely one way or another.  

Then just as quickly as the "W" came, it subsided. It only lasted a few hours. Shortly after 9PM, flags were barely dancing in the breeze. As duners cautiously made their way back outside, they got their campfires built back up to stay warm.

Sunday morning was epic. Mother nature had smoothed out the hammered dunes.

The skies were blue, but not for long. Partially cloudy skies quickly turned into ominous clouds and the storm made a comeback.  


And just like that, the beautiful morning turned into another sand storm. That's Dumont for ya! It just goes to chow how quickly the weather can change out there.  

That's a wrap for Thanksgiving Weekend 2016. Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Thanks to all of those who submitted the great photos, videos, and updates from your weekend.
Thanksgiving 2016 Community Album 
Post Your Trip Reports and Photos

Truck Crashes in Dunes Requiring Rescue Thanksgiving Weekend

On Friday around 6:30 AM, a Blackhawk medevac was spotted hovering over Banshee Hill area. It stayed there for about 20-30 minutes before landing near an overturned truck.
During the early morning hours on Friday, the truck crashed and landed upside down in the dunes between Banshee Hill and the Superbowl. Around 4:00 A.M. the driver of the Blazer/ Tahoe managed to walk out of the dunes looking for help at the closest camp. He knocked on an RV door for help and those duners warmed him up and asked what was going on. They then rode into the dunes, found the truck and the passenger could not move. 911 was called and a medic helicopter arrived.
The passenger was extracted from the vehicle and airlifted out. There were reports of him not being able to feel his lower extremities. The truck was flipped back over and removed from the dunes. 
Update as of 11/27/2016
photos by Jodi Knight, Kyle Clark, and Adam Burnham.


Photos by Cheryl Clark


Thanksgiving Quick Links

Check the Weather Forecast
Post a Dune Report
Post up a pic and fill everyone else in on the conditions out there. Our dune report form is super mobile friendly. Try it out. http://www.dumontduneriders.com/conditions/
Lost & Found
Post lost or found items up here, http://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/forum/9-stolen-lost-or-found/
If you find something out at the dunes and are trying to return it to the owner, the visitor center at the Ranger Station is the best place to drop items off. 
Report Something that Happened
Was there an accident or did something happen worth mentioning? Add it as a dune report or start a new topic about it in Dumont Happenings on the forum. http://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/forum/5-dumont-happenings/ or remain anonymous and Contact Us
Hill Climbs and Sand Drags
Friday, November 25th, 10am Hill Climbs at Comp Hill 
Saturday the 26th, 10am Drags on the back stretch
Not sure about a certain rule or law at Dumont? Here is a complete list. http://www.dumontduneriders.com/rules/
Weekly holiday passes are available ($40) on site at the machine or through a participating off-site vendor.
Season passes are available through Dune Mart on Vendor Row and participating off-site vendors. 
Vendor list and more pass info, http://www.dumontduneriders.com/passes/
Lost? Here's directions to Dumont Dunes, http://www.dumontduneriders.com/directions_to_dumont_dunes/
Camp Grid map
Download this to your phone and send it to your friends to help find each other's camps.

Services near Dumont
There are some places in Baker and Shoshone that offer services. http://www.dumontduneriders.com/services/
Got a Question? Still Need Help?
Contact us here, http://www.dumontduneriders.com/invision/contact

History Returns to Dumont with the Waterpumper Hill Climbs and Drags

Featured above
The late Milt Clements completing at the Dune Masters’ 1970 Thanksgiving Hill Climbs at Dumont Dunes.  Photo courtesy of Bill LeFever
What is a waterpumper you ask? Back in the 60's and 70's, the only buggies you would see at the dunes were cars that were powered by air cooled engines, typically Volkswagens and Corvairs. When the Dune Masters formed in 1968, they were putting together V8 powered buggies originally built from cut-down car frames. Back then, water cooled engines were new to the scene. They soon took on the name, "waterpumpers". 

Jerry Miles - a founding member of the Dune Masters club, Whittier, California.
1970 Thanksgiving hill climb competition at Dumont Dunes.
Photo courtesy of Bill LeFever.
As the waterpumper trend grew, the club would host gatherings and competitions in Pismo, Glamis and Dumont. These machines would be best known for their hill climbing capabilities. With their dual paddle setup and hand brakes that help the driver steer the buggy while it's front wheels are off the ground, they would be able to crawl up the steepest hills with their high torque V8 engines. The challenge of the hill climb competition is to be the last one to reach the top without stopping. It's a "snail race" or "slow drags" type of race...very difficult to do on a steep dune. When you see 3 or 4 of these buggies line up on the steep side of Comp Hill, it's quite a sight to see when they battle it out. 

As the years passed and technology advanced. so did the buggies. Huge displacement engines were built as well as stronger rear ends and transmissions. One thing remained though, the styling of the waterpumper buggies and their dual paddle tire setup. These buggies have always been known for power and traction.
This buggy, owned by Jeff Cook, cranks out 736 horsepower from it's 434 cubic inch motor.

photo courtesy of Old School Dune Buggies and Sand Rails, Facebook
See the waterpumpers in action this Thanksgiving weekend


The Dune Masters and Sandpipers Club will be hosting their 48th Annual hill climbs and drags. That's right, 48! The club was founded back in 1968 and they have returned to Dumont every year since then with their V8 powered buggies. They make up a big part of the history of Dumont Dunes so be sure to check them out. They will be set up on the steep, left side of Comp Hill for the hill climbs on Friday and then on Saturday the drags will take place along the back stretch of sand highway where you would drive out to the north pole.
Friday, November 25th, 10am Hill Climbs at Comp Hill 
Saturday the 26th, 10am Drags on the back stretch
Sorry, Club members only in competition but spectators are welcome at both events.

CA Non-resident OHV Stickers Available Thanksgiving Weekend

If you are not a resident of California and your OHV is not registered in your home state, you are required to have a "California Non-resident OHV use permit" sticker to legally operate your vehicle at Dumont Dunes. These stickers are required in addition to a weekly or season Dumont Pass. 
If you need to pick up a sticker for Thanksgiving Weekend, you have a couple options out at Dumont this year. DuneMart, on Vendor Row, has plenty of them in stock and the BLM will also have some at the visitor center.
Stickers are $30 and expire on Dec 31st, 2017.

Other Places to buy your CA Non-Resident OHV stickers
Henderson, NV
ProShop Motorsports & Marine
575 W Lake Mead Dr.
Henderson, NV 89015
phone: 702-564-8895
hours: Tue-Sat, 8AM-5PM | Sun-Mon, Closed
Las Vegas, NV
Carter Powersports
6275 South Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89118
phone: 702-795-2000
hours: Mon-Sat, 9AM-6PM | Sun, Closed
Pahrump, NV
Parker’s Kawasaki
1201 Hwy 160 #99
Pahrump, NV 89048
phone: 775-537-6686
hours: Sun-Mon, closed |Tue-Fri, 10AM-6PM | Sat, 10AM-5PM
*holiday hours may vary. Call vendor to double check. 
Additional places

Open to the Public: BLM / Dumont Dunes Subgroup Meeting at Dumont Thanksgiving Weekend

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. – The Dumont Dunes subgroup to the Desert Advisory Council (DAC) will be holding its next meeting on Sat., Nov. 26 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dumont Dunes Off-highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation area near the visitor center. 
The meeting will provide the public an opportunity to participate in subgroup discussions related to management of the Dumont Dunes Recreation Area. The Dumont Dunes subgroup discussions and public involvement assists the BLM in managing the recreation area. 
Immediately following the meeting, the BLM Barstow Field Office will host a “Meet the Medics” event at the medical compound on-site. The public is invited to have coffee, hot chocolate and snacks with the medical response staff assigned to the Dumont Dunes Recreation Area.

Representation on the subgroup consists of California OHV interests, Nevada OHV interests, OHV organizations, San Bernardino County, biological sciences and local communities.
If individuals are unable to attend, but would like to provide comments regarding Dumont Dunes, please contact Katrina Symons, Field Manager, Barstow Field Office, 2601 Barstow Rd, Barstow, CA  92311, 760-252-6000, ksymons@blm.gov.

Thanksgiving 2016, Dumont Dunes

Thanksgiving is the day of giving thanks for everything we are blessed with in our lives. It’s the time of year when us duners take a few days, hit the sandbox and enjoy it with our friends and family. In order to keep with the Thanksgiving Day tradition, we get creative and cook our feasts out of our RV's at Dumont. Some deep fry their turkeys, others use methods like infrared cookers or deep pit style. The dunes are our home and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's one of the longest holiday weekends of the year, therefore some sand-fanatics who live farther than most regulars make this their one big trip of the season. Others come out early and enjoy a whole week in the sandbox. 
Dune Masters and Sand Pipers

In true Thanksgiving tradition, the waterpumpers return to Dumont! The Dune Masters and Sandpipers Club will be hosting their 48th Annual hill climbs and drags. That's right, 48! The club was founded back in 1968 and they have returned to Dumont every year since then with their V8 powered buggies. They make up a big part of the history of Dumont Dunes so be sure to check them out. They will be set up on the steep, left side of Comp Hill for the hill climbs on Friday and then on Saturday the drags will take place along the back stretch of sand highway, where you would drive out to the north pole.
Friday, November 25th, 10am Hill Climbs at Comp Hill 
Saturday the 26th, 10am Drags on the back stretch
Sorry, Club members only in competition but spectators are welcome at both events.

Forum Discussion
Last Year's Trip reports & Pics
Thanksgiving 2015 Gallery
Planning to deep fry a turkey?


Halloween Weekend '16 Brings Back the Thrill to Dumont Dunes

Good times are here again! Dune season kicked off Halloween weekend bringing back the energy of the pre-recession days of Dumont Dunes. Let's face it. Some of the holiday weekends over the past 5-6 years have been rather stale and low on attendance. This year seemed a bit different though. There was an added element of vitality and excitement in the air. This recent boom may have been sparked by the side x side craze. Back in the day, duners would acquire big ticket sand toys by using their home equity. Nowadays, companies like Polaris and Can Am make it easy to finance a toy that the whole family can enjoy year round. Whether this is what reignited the spark or not, Halloween weekend definitely had a huge crowd as shown from duner, Chad Lozier’s, high flying drone. The BLM recorded 16,000 duners were in attendance. 
As if that didn't give us a good enough perspective, paragliders, Bill Baby and Ryan Thomas, flew overhead capturing the view from their own bird's eye view. Talk about the best seat in the house!



Vendor Row was lacking a few vendors this year compared to other years, however duners still got over there as early as Friday morning to cash in on early weekend deals and to get some dune shopping in. Beefy Boys BBQ served up breakfast, lunch and dinner while California Casuals offered their famous holiday weekend t-shirts that almost every duner has owned at some point.


The weather was overcast a good portion of the weekend, but the sun managed to break through the clouds making for some much needed A/C time in the RV. Temperatures were warm all weekend ranging from the low 70's after the sun went down to 93 degrees on Saturday afternoon! It was shorts weather all day and into the night. Campfires weren't even fired up until late.



Speaking of weather, the recent rain that hit Dumont that Monday and Tuesday before Halloween weekend made for some choppy sand conditions. The dunes were already tracked and rutted out as early as Friday morning. So much for a smooth dune run before the crowds rolled in! That sand was wet underneath all weekend. It didn't stop everyone from having fun though. Just getting back to the sandbox after a long summer was good enough. 




The BLM opened their doors to the visitor center. Park Ranger Art provided safety and wildlife information and let duners pet the lizards and snakes that were on display. 


Rangers and medical staff were ready and responded to a few accidents throughout the weekend. One fatality was reported when a Banshee rider was unable to stop at the top of Banshee Hill. Full story here.

Once the sun went down on Saturday it was Trick-or-Treat time! Little duners and even some of the parents got into costume and went camp to camp for candy. Dumont is arguably the best way to spend Halloween for kids and adults. Duners decorated their camps and really got into the spirit out there as always. 




This year we saw the Star Wars crew, dinosaurs, nuns, pimps, and lots of Donald Trumps! Comp Hill was literally lit up with lighted whips that stretched 5+ rows back. Drones were flying around with ghosts hanging from them, the Star Wars Landspeeder was making it's rounds passing out candy and taking pictures with everyone, and there was the loudest stereo system in the world blasting music from the front row into the crowd. That's not all. People were actually racing this year too. Imagine that...racing at Competition Hill. Let's not forget the famous McFlurry. It was in tow up and down the aisles as people cheered it on.











Video presented by Bruner Racing
Drone footage by Jeff Bruner and Jimmy Redmond 
Sunday morning started as another overcast day. The sun came out for a minute, then out of nowhere there were 30+ mph winds blowing sand and dust so hard that it was impossible to see across the camp area. It came at an unfortunate time for duners as most were just getting packed up. Some of the people who were camped in tents faced even more of a challenge. The wind turned their dune home into a hang glider! 

As we all know, this "W" word is what makes Dumont so awful and great at the same time. It can ruin our day of duning but at the same time fix the place right back up after a busy weekend. Come Monday, the dunes were back to how we love them, nice and smooth. 

For more pics and trip reports, check out the Halloween thread on the forum...
More photos from our social media have been posted in the gallery...
Next up, Thanksgiving!
It's only a few weeks away. Start getting those dune toys ready now because it will be here before you know it.

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