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  1. ccupton

    Who's going out for MLK weekend?

    The Desert Crazies will be there with the Dumont family duners at Bath #10.
  2. ccupton


  3. ccupton

    What's new for you next season?

    I had the buggy front end enclosed and windshield added. Cant wait to try it out this weekend. Shake down run with Desert Crazies and Dumont family duners.
  4. How much room to first cabinet ?
  5. ccupton

    Found Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

    I will be in Dumont for the cleanup and pickup for my buddy.
  6. ccupton

    Found Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

    My buddy lost them Presidents weekend. Do you still have them.
  7. ccupton

    2002 SU Sand car.

  8. ccupton

    Cleanup weekend 2018

    We will be there with bags in hand. Hoping for some awesome dunes !!!
  9. ccupton

    2 seater cadillac northstar

    Hello, Is this still for sale ????