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    KTM540sx, yes, 540SX, 30ft Rampage, 06 Dodge 3500, yfz 450 w/480 kit, ported heads, etc
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    Las Vegas, NV
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    Snowboarding, lifting weights, camping, enjoying the company of good friends, and of course, hitting the dunes!

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  1. I think Coral Pink is the best place for the family. My kids are to young for Dumont or Glamis. If my kid runs off, I'm less worried they will get hit by something at Coral Pink than Dumont or Glamis. Usually go to Coral Pink in the warmer months due to the snow on the dunes during the regular dune season.
  2. Ill be out there too. 12/1 to 12/3
  3. I'll be heading up friday evening, if i can get someone to save me a spot. don't want to get up there and have to scavenge for a place to came as mentioned above.
  4. I am leaving tomorrow morning. I have plenty of room. If the tent gets to sandy or cold, I have two extra beds in the hauler right now and you are welcome to them.
  5. I'll be out there the night of the 2nd. be out until the 4th
  6. I'll be out there friday night or saturday morning. May have a new ltr 450 to break in too!!!!
  7. I have verizon, and my service is on and off out there.
  8. going to dumont tomorrow, wed, oct. 3. breaking in the new toy hauler and 540 kit on the sx. dunefish as well as some newbies to the dunes tagging along, anyone else down?
  9. Hey Tricky, Flush the intake control module in the dodges, will get ya another 3-4 mpg.
  10. I am looking for a diesel mechanic to install a six gun or a big hoss kit on an '06 cummins. TOO EXPENSIVE at banks or 4 wheel parts.
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