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    2002 Banshee: cool head, fmf pipes, billit water pump,/ water pump cover, +2 A Arms, rev max rev box, twist throttle, v force 3 reeds, port and polished cylinders aluminum air box, k & n filter, hinson racing clutch. *UPDATE... uh yeah, I sold that by the way*
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  1. I know this is off topic, But there is a street called Kelso Dunes in Henderson, i drive by it everyday lol, Didnt ever know that there really was a Kelso dunes though. Looks like it would be a fun place to ride!
  2. Yeah I feel ya, Im the Christmas decorator of the house. I usually refuse to put the decorations up before Dec. 1st. But this year I kinda had no choice since I could go into labor like any day now. So I just did whatever inside decorations I could do, like the tree, and stuff like that. But when the hubby comes back from dumont... Hes gonna see that Im gonna need a lot of help (imgaine a pregnant woman, standing on a kitchen chair trying to straighten the top of the christmas tree) Yeah, Not having it lol. so right now were going for the tree slanted to the left kinda look.
  3. Sorry, im in a hurry, my husband (evil beaver) went to dumont last night looking for his friends, they are not where he said they would be at so he wants to meet up with everybody at the ddr campsite but cant find it. Is there anybody who hasnt made it to dumont yet that can tell me so I can call him real quick while he still has recption on the dune hes on. Hes gonna keep going back to the top of the dune every so often to see if I have ne news, any help would be great!
  4. Sounds like fun, Ill bring it up to darrell, this would be a good trip to tune his quad for the Halloween trip next month. Hopefully we will make it, I should know by the mid of next week
  5. awww man oh man that is such a bummer im so sorry to hear about that. Dogs are such a part of the family and it is so hard to over. My thoughts r with you
  6. Happy Birthday To Your Son Today Thank You Everybody. And yeah, I think Darrell Already Has His Quad Picked Out. lol
  7. awww, im looking around on the online store and getting all sappy over the bibs and stuff. that is hella cool! Gonna tell D we gotta get them for lil d.
  8. Thank You, and That onesie is the cutest! Soo got to get one of those! lol. I didnt even ddr had those.
  9. I forgot to mention to you guys that we found out that we were actually going to be expecting a BOY in Dec. Not a girl lol. I told a couple of people it was a girl cuz that is what the first ultrasound said, but still had my doubts about it. But they confermed a couple of weeks ago and We will be having a LiL Darrell In December. :ahhhhh: Just wanted to let yall know.
  10. Yeah.. we should know for sure when the time gets closer... and if the damn weather permits this time. Screw that wind! lol
  11. Yep Thats her, I wouldnt call her cute tho, more like a Miss Spoiled little brat! lol jk. But seriously tho, im not even kidding anytime she felt the leash tug on her collar she thought she was dying a bloddy murder lol
  12. All i gotta say is fuk that road lol. We had to go 5mph and we got lucky if we made it to 8mph. finally we had to follow our buddie and drive on the side of the road in the dirt as much as we could. at least on there we could have done 15mph... i cannot wait till they finish that road.. (if they ever do)
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