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  1. Story has surfaced everywhere so for the driver and or passenger to not know now I find that hard to believe! He's just a fkn coward!
  2. As the year mark approaches I find it pretty sad and quite disgusting that no one owned up to running over my neice! As long time duners (30+years) I understand accidents happen, I understood the driver and or passenger may not have been aware that he plowed over a little girl. I get it BUT... this story has surfaced everywhere. It was an early morning run over a finger... The person responsible knows it was him! It wasn't like it was smack in the middle of the day and they had already gone on several runs ya know! It sickens me that the coward hasn't stepped forward and owned up to this!
  3. I was at the ranger station trying to get info on my niece that was flown out that morning when I heard/saw the guy I'm assuming you're talking about. If it's him; he did not make it. He passed before flight for life landed.
  4. Thanks for this post. I'm the Aunt of Regan the 3yr old hit by the sandrail Saturday morning. First off I want to start with she survived this traumatic hit and run. She spent a day in PICU; needed surgery to repair her face that was literally split in half from her hair line to the middle of her nose. She also had several lacerations on her hand and another gash on her head as well as some internal bruising across her chest. She's been downgraded as of this morning. Now I want to get the word out.... we have been duning here at Dumont for 10yrs. We have always camped at the bottom of the1st finger and have cones and caution tape up. We usually don't allow the kids on the finger due to this exact fear... but this particular morning my brother in law brought his 3yr old twins up on the finger to play supervised at around 9am. Regan descended down the finger to dig in the sand; she was about 6 ft from the top where her dad and twin brother where when the sandrail came across the top of the finger then goosed it to the right around the Dad and twin brother eventually running over Regan. We believe she was hit dead on then tumbled under the sandrail which is when I looked up because I heard the screams from Regans Dad and then witnessed Regan being literally spit out of the back of the sandrail. We all went running and yelling towards her and the sandrail but the sandrail kept on going. The sandrail has still not been located. This event was so fast and traumatic no one can say exactly what the rail looked like or the exact flag! We do know it was a blue and white sandrail had a spoiler with a black flag w red writing. This is all we could put together as a description. There was also a passenger in the rail. Please if you have any leads please contact the sheriffs station or BLM rangers. We don't even know if the driver knows that they ran over a little girl or if it was a true hit and run. Stay safe and hope we can get some answers and/or justice and some peace. Thanks!
  5. Only fair for the kiddos out there to trick or treat in the actual celebrated day... fri the 31st. :-)
  6. You're welcome! It's a natural reaction to help anyone I can; on vacation or on the clock I'm always readily available...My a$$ and legs are still sore lol, I've never ran so fast to a scene especially in the sand in my life. Just thankful you and your daughter are okay!
  7. Hi I was the RN that was on scene. Glad you and your daughter are okay. It was all a little chaotic and I want to thank you for being understanding. Having to work on anyone or anything on a slope to that degree is very challenging. Bottom line you and your family are home. So thankful for that! Positive energy always. See you around. Teresa Bostwick R.N
  8. Where do you all camp? We ave been going to Dumont for 6yrs and always hear about a "haunted camp site" but still have never found it...So I'm guessing you all are the ones who put this on? Thanks bunches! Can't wait to finally see and meet you all...
  9. Stop by and say Hi! Teresa & Chad
  10. Well those of you who posted they will be out at Dumont....Hope to see ya all! Like I mentioned you're all welcome to stop by...girlfriends and all..we don't bite We are in a sandpiper sport toyhauler pulled by lifted grey F150! Have a fun and safe trip! Teresa & Chad
  11. We are heading out to Dumont Friday(16th)- Sunday(18th)...Anyone who wants to go for a ride or just stop by and say Hi and have a brewski...we camp on the end of the 2nd finger...hope to see some new faces! Teresa & Chad
  12. Please if you found it or know of anyone who found a redish/maroon sony camera let me know, it has all my pics from the entire trip plus some other pics of my kids ....It was in a black case! Thanks Teresa
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