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  1. I was at Dumont too. Just in a different way. Was great weather though.
  2. Great trip! Pete @dunefreak you do an amazing job putting this together and it gets better every year. So thanks for doing what you do. Overall great trip from start to finish. Had some sand luck on this one as I hadn't touched any equipment since Halloween. Buggy ran great and weighed more then @jalper lol!!! Thanks to @FE135 for always coming and making us look good. This year he captured the "Buggy Bunch"
  3. Moved some calendar events around and should be good to go. Hopefully get there Friday morning.
  4. Video DuneGirl threw together of our Saint Anthony trip. I know it's not Dumont related but it is sand related and hopefully gives those of you your temporary sand fix until Halloween weekend.
  5. We lost a Samsung s7 with gold protective case on 03/22/18. Somewhere in the dunes to the rear of com (left side if you were sitting, looking at comp). We know its a long shot but maybe we'll get lucky.
  6. You should touch base with @jalper aka Jason @ Alper Motorsports. Set a lot of guys up with power steering. You definitely won't regret it either.
  7. Well came home last night and to my surprise Jess had knocked out a President's Day video already!! I think it came out great but I'm bias. We had a great weekend and for the most part our group showed up in force despite the weather reports. I feel the weather was not nearly as bad as everyone predicted. Some of our group arrived the Sunday before and did nothing but brag about the good dunes and weather they had so we were determined to make it a great trip. We pulled in Thursday around 1030 and the road sucked!!!! But we got situated and went on our first run. I put stiffer springs on front of the car and my god what a difference, it just eats everything up. This was our first long weekend out with it and the nastier the dunes the car didn't care and made it through the weekend without incident. During the course of our first ride one of my buddies had an incident in his car causing him to roll. Luckily he is the smart one and wears a helmet. His car, while looked bad held up great and should be back up and going soon. Then the rain came and I got bored staring at each other so I rounded some peeps up and we duned lightly in our trucks and had a great time. The Utah portion of our group had planned a year ago it was time to erect a new South Pole and it came out awesome!!! Lots of cool trinkets on it thanks to broken buggies lol. Overall great weekend and looking forward to the cleanup and sub group meeting their holding out there.
  8. Found these eye glasses over President's weekend 100 yards off of bathroom #9. Have a purple coloring to them.
  9. Clean them and paint them or the best thing to do would be to tear them down and have king recoat them or you get them chromed, powdercoated or paint them.
  10. ItsWeeks

    V8rail Build

    Wires do look long, I used Taylors on my LS and still run heat covers from jegs or summit for cya purposes.
  11. I would honestly steer clear of it. Looks like a geometry mess.
  12. ItsWeeks


    Talk with Jason @ Alper Motorsports
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