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  1. Holy shiznit ! they should show those pics in the drug ed classes at EVERY school .
  2. very sad news ! , I will pray for the kids .I was recently involved in a fatal accident at work , "I do hyw constuction " my life is change forever , Please people slow for the cone zone and and just slow down period ! like the Dan said " it's amazing how fast things can happen. You need to cherish life and friends!"
  3. Thats what happens when you take a VW to a chevy dealer for service !! lol J/K was there very much damage to the bug ?
  4. I linked the story on Glamis dunes ! I just thought these guys good work should be know around the duning comunity , thanks again . linked story
  5. great job guys ! it made me sick and mad as hell when I saw that,!!Beers are on me if I ever meet up with any of you out at the big D!
  6. Becareful out there mitchell! Myself I will be at Pismo enjoying the sand and surf.
  7. Great pics Neal ! I want to say thanks to Jay for getting the lights! it was really a great time and I had a blast , I didnt mean to rant in my last post but it burns me up when our play ground gets trashed! plus it gives us hillshooters a bad rep . So Jay when our we gunna do it again ?
  8. I didnt see the bathroom but I did see some the signs on the way in tagged with green paint , I had feeling the maggot was out there saturday night, all I can say Is what a sad a$$ little pussy that guy is! and I do know he is from the 909 cuz one tagg I read said ,I lick ballz and I like it in th azz 909 . at least thats what I read . we deff dont need people like that at D.
  9. It was a great time lots of fast bikes out there! I would say 400 peeps give or take a few ! and yes still some losers out there who just throw crap anywhere! I picked up lots of trash before I left, I saw the BLM in the afternoon but no where near the hill at night .
  10. I got a dub in my pocket for you Jay those lights rock ! my stuff is loaded and ready , I hit wally world earlier and bought a bike head light and tail light and a big box of trash bags so if anybody needs one hit me up lets keep it clean ! Our crew should be rolling in around 4-5 pm, Its on! Lets have some fun racing and be safe ..............I have truck enough to get the lights in there if need be.
  11. Dam now there wont be a fast bike out there .
  12. Jay YOU CAN DO IT ! get the bad boy fixed ! 3 days to go , so far the weather is looking great .
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