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    Mike Reeves
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    2008 Raptor 700
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    Hanging out with my Wife and 2 children<br />BMX racing<br />My new Raptor<br />Nascar

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  1. Trip was awesome as always, played alot in the sand and got some awesome duning in. Arrived friday around 4:30pm uloaded and set up camp. Sat. was greta rode all day, went to meet and greet and hung for awhile, did more riding till it was time for dinner. Sun did more riding and around 3pm started to pack up for the ride home. Good to see some DDR peeps that ive met. Whats even more awesome, i'm going back out today for 3 more days, see ya when i get back.
  2. Will be out the 12th to the 15th, can't wait might be the last trip of the season. Daughter is graduating in May so have to start saving for the trip.
  3. That will be awesome, i'll see when he can bring it up.
  4. I think it is a PrpComp lift and he bought it off the lot already lifted, was a package deal, dont know who lifted it. I f i can remember right, he already has had the steering stabalizer changed and tie rods ends checked. I can get more info from him.
  5. My dad who lives in Cali. has a 04-05 jeep wrangler X and it has aserious death wobble. This happens at around 40-45 mph and hit a bump, the death wobble occurs. He told me he heard of a shop in vegas for jeeps, but he couldnt remember its name. Can anyone help with this. Does anyone know a good place in vegas that can help him. He has taken to 2-3 shops and they cant figure it out. Thank you, Mike
  6. I dont own a 450, but on modded raptor forum, i have read alot of good things about FCI intake for the 450's. The FCI and the right full system pipe with correct jetting, dont forget about cam-mod and she should run really well.
  7. Cannot make xmas but will be heading out the 29th and staying till the 31st. Work calls this year to work and no vaca left.
  8. Glad to hear Grimace is up and moving around and hope for his speedy recovery.
  9. As i have never met Grimace, hope to see a full recovery for you.
  10. Sh*t i wish i had 5 grand
  11. Pete, i saw you on Sat. morning at comp from a distance, man that car is a beast. Looks like a blast from what i saw.
  12. Also met JoeDuner, Capt. and Sand Snake out at North pole. Nice to meet you all and hope to see you again.
  13. What a blast my family had this weekend Arrived Tues night and found a spot close to Big Gunz and and friends. Set up camp and relaxed some before off to bed. Wed. morning the rest of my family arrived to spend t-day with me. :beer_bang: Went for long rides all weekend with family and friends. For most my family this was the very first time to the dunes, so i made sure that i gave them the full experience, even my Mom who has never riding a quad learned to ride and my Dad racing his grandson up Comp. On Thurs had a pot luck style t-day dinner with all our group of our circle, couldn't ask for a better time. Fri. Dnuckler, showed up for first trip in 2 yrs. was a blast having him camp with us. Sad to see sunday come, had to head home. We had blast hanging with family and friends, cant wait for our next trip.
  14. Glad to hear the update, best of wishes on your recovery Grimace.
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