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  1. Have to admit 2009- 2010 were a very rough years for me, I left a 10 yr job to go find greener pastures and ended up gettin promoted 3 times in 8 mos and am finally back on top. Debts are getting paid off and me and the wifey have a goal! Been working a ton and not having as much fun as usual but we are getting there, the credid cards and cars are almost paid off and im finally at a stage where the monkey is well and truley off our backs. I gotta admit it has sucked not being in the sand but its short term pain long time gain, '09 was a year of "fuk it slap it on a credit card and lets have fun" well this year things have swapped and looking up, another promotion is in the works and the wifey landed a kickass job a few mos back. Ive decided its time to concentrate on whats important, the days of tearing it up as much as possible and working my a$$ off just to party my a$$ off are behind me, its time to start working on mini brits :laughing: Anyway sorry for drolling on im just stoked things are changin and on the up and up, I am missing the sh*t out of every weekend in the dunes tho :dope: :dope:
  2. Thats fuggin awsome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Awsome job on the cleanup guys, you really do deserve massive props for doing what you did! On another note, WTF is wrong with people??? How the hell do you manage to get sh*t all over the FRONT of the toilet????????????????????????????? Again great job guys, every dumont rider/driver owes you a beer :drunks: :drunks:
  4. If I can get two bikes (one extended) and a quad in the back of a shortbox F150 anything is possible At the D
  5. For a rebore you cant go wrong with glen, without a shadow of a doubt the best rebore guy Ive ever used, just dont go getting talked into any expensive portwork.
  6. Looks like amy winehouse apart from the girl in the pics is still vertical and not blacked out.
  7. Very very cool and a kickass story to boot!!! I met richard branston on a flight from england to here a few years back, he was really chilled and took a few mins to talk to everyone on the plane, definately the nicest multi billionaire Ive ever met
  8. I cant believe the whole hauler dint go up.
  9. I was far to into the beer to even remember the people I camped with names If I was sober and thinking straight I would have investigated more....
  10. I was offered a fake pass this past weekend, it looks just like the real one apart from a printed hologram vs a real one. $50 was the asking price and even though I dont have one I turned it down.
  11. Heres 2 CR500s and a quad in a short bed F150 ....
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