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  1. Canman

    Sand videos

    Actually I know there is some really good amature vids these guys have collected themselves that are from this forum and surrounding forums out there. If you look on Youtube.com and type in: Dumont Sand dunes or something of that nature it should get you started on getting some good video's of the Dumont area. I know I even seen a video on Youtube of one of the last Banshee hill runs that happend in Dumont looks like a blast.
  2. If you all want to see the whole thing on this and get a real good explanation on all this go here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5547481422995115331 The video is just about two hours long I have watched it several times and I do believe there is allot of unanswered questions the american government did not come to the table with good concrete answers. If you do watch this video it's kind of funny when they show actual coverage of when Hitler was in power and he was standing on the apodium saying oh it was terriorists that did it. It was the terriorists and then you see Bush doing the same thing like I say it's very interesting.
  3. I think that would be a good idea to post the fee's ect on the main page because this kind of post being posted like day in and day out is really getting old.
  4. Why Thank you Sand Saw thank you for noticing that I am a Canadian as far as trolling these boards no I am not on here to do that. I am on here to learn what will be expected of me as a visitor to Dumont Dunes when I go down there along with all the other things too like the flag I will have to put on my Quad you know the usual stuff so if you think that is being a troll think again bud. As for getting back on topic I think this is about how much you have to pay to get into Dumont to use there facilities.
  5. I don't know why but yes this has come up several times here and you know what I say. You don't like it don't go then the thing I say though where the hell else are you going to go these days where you can spend 40 bucks on a day such as that day with your family and just chill for the ((whole day.)) Take your family out to the theaters some time and come back to me and tell me how much you spent. Please do not bicker about pricing because you have not been the only one that has.
  6. Well we all know it couldn't of been a GT I mean look how ugly the bike is. I bet you the guy was wearing all spandex too for better wind resistance. I am sure this guy ain't gonna want to see another pair of spandex for a very very long time ha ha ha :beer_bang: over heeeeerrreee ambulance this way. ha ha ha ha too funny
  7. I know rig air bags would work but if you ever were to try to even use them as a shocking system of any kind you may as well say bye bye to good old back. They also have allot of sway and roll to them I know first hand from when a buddy and I put air bags in the back of his old dodge. No coils no springs made a special rail set up that went from the front spring hangers down to the rear axle. He also went through allot of U joints due to it wobbling all over the place but the ride felt cool but then again it wasn't aired all the way up either we tried that one to our surprise I swear we felt every little bump in the road. We did end up refining the system so there were no U joints being blown or anything only problem was when he carried any weight in the back of the truck any corner you went around it would lean real bad to that one side. The truck is now back to the way it was with leaf springs under it with just regular ole shocks for absorption. So I could see an air bag set up working to a degree but as far as jumping one of them rails and using the air bags to absorb the shock I am not really sure if that would be such a great idea or not but who know's anything is possible.
  8. I would say it has to be at least 3200lbs but I would have to say even a bit more than that unless you used some real thin gaged steel tube which probably would not be a smart thing to do nor could I see you doing that. Just the Dune buggy engine itself has to weigh about 450 to 500 pounds
  9. I really do have to agree with everyone that is saying about the no dumpsters situation out on Dumont dunes I mean for some people this chore is too dam hard to even follow in there own home let alone trying to get them to use a dumpster or garbage can anywhere else. The one thing that I do kind of wonder about is me being a visitor there from Canada where exactly would I be able to take my garbage as a (responsible visitor.) Like you all are saying how hard is it to pack some garbage bags with you. I know when were camping where there isn't any garbage dumpsters or anything were always ready for it. We usually have one or two bags full of bottles and cans along with whatever else we have for garbage. I know we have also went the extra step to throw our egg shells and any carrot peelings or potato peelings into a bucket we have a lid for. All these things that you all are going over helps me more to understand on what to expect when visiting so its great to know these things before I go down.
  10. Doesn't sound like much riding was going on that night lol. If there was I am sure the starting of it would of looked kinda like this ahem the first five seconds of it lol :porn:
  11. Well a friend of mine bought one for his new Yamaha because there is allot of stealing going on around his neighborhood we were getting some tools and things out of his shop the one day and my buddy tripped on a cord. Believe me when that thing went off I do not want to hear anything like that go off again that was so ear scorching my ears hurt for a good hour afterwards. Oh and those XC chains that are on the page that cmyfirepole show's those chains are no joke my friend has one it is hard to cut through with a grinder can't be cut with bull cutters nor can a hacksaw get through it.
  12. This probably would be better for the rails get yourself some of that Zinc chain and you can not only lock one rail you can lock two together. If you don't have another rail to tie to the flat deck trailer always works. http://www.bikebone.com/page/BBSC/PROD/DL/76-003
  13. Well I just don't get some people and there thinking I mean if they close down Dumont all together now what are you all going to do? Where are you all going to ride LEGALLY? Trust me there is nothing like a cop driving real fast behind you with sirens blaring and all in a chevy truck blaring at you at a high rate of speed while your siting on top of a hill chillin while he is trying to come up the one side to you 4X4 locked in and all. Of course that is when my friends and I wait for the doors to finally open and we hear yelling that is when we fire up the bikes and scream out of there faster than they can jump in there truck. The one day we had four cop cars and two police trucks chasing us believe me it was a mess. If you all want this to happen to you just keep acting the way your acting and keep complaining the way your complaining then that is what is going to soon happen to you at least us up here we have the cover of tree's and boulders you guys on the other hand have no cover whats so ever out on them dunes. Like I say we sometimes even have to tend with just riding around old logging roads and where logging is active just to try to stay one step ahead of the law up here. Either were riding on crown land or were out on farm land start thinking about this and start getting involved if your not already involved. There are many ways to help out you don't have to go to any meetings if you don't want to there is always other ways you can help while your out there. If not be the slump your being watch Dumont be closed then you can bicker and whine about not having any place to go and ride at all. Most of the times now if the cops or the Forrest Service up here find us out there they tend to just leave us alone now because they finally have got the hint they aren't going to catch us the thing is because there is no set places for us to ride that are good enough for lots of people to go and ride everyone and there dog just goes out any dam place they feel like around here and they ride. In turn this has made many places look like crap and like many of you have said there is allot of people out there that just feel the need to park there garbage where ever they feel like so in turn with that being said the garbage is now not set to just one big environment it is set to basically all over BC out here where Snowmobilers, Quaders and motor bike enthusiast's go ride.
  14. I just honestly don't get why you all are bickering away about paying a simple fee such as a $30 dollar fee. Get your butts up here and try to find a place such as Dumont to ride LEGALLY in British Columbia Canada where I live. Sure there are motocross tracks but most of the times you gotta be a part of there stupid CLUB or they have fenced it off with razor wire going around the top and all gates closed everything is closed up when a race is not being held or there isn't a practice going on at the time. ALL OF US HERE that have motor bikes and things we ILLEGALLY RIDE ON CROWN LAND day in and day out it's not that we want to it's just that we are forced to do so. If you are caught riding on crown land you can be fined up to $3000 dollars. Your bike or whatever your riding on or in at the time can be confiscated. They can also charge an impound charge on top of that which the last time I checked an impound charge around here was like $150 bucks. The Legal places they want us to ride are a complete joke and the area is so small you put anymore than 30 people in the legal riding area and it's scary because there just isn't enough room for everyone to ride around in. Nor is it any fun because the area the trailers and things you all hall out there honestly the place I talk about that is Legal to ride in you take say 5 rails and say about eight or nine trucks and trailers and your already covering a good half portion of the area we ride on. The other half is either filled with so many boulders or fallen tree's it makes it kind of useless to even have it in the fenced off riding area because there is no way your even getting a dirt bike anywhere in there. So with that being said with all the space your trucks and trailers along with your rails taking up well none of us would even have any Place TOO RIDE in that area yet your on here bickering about a $30 dollar charge. Put it this way with that $30 bucks where else could you take your family for the day that would cost allot less? Gee the last time I went with my girl to the theaters it cost me well over $30 bucks by the time we sat down with our popcorn drinks and all the other little snack's we wanted to have. The only thing that I have done this past while that hasn't cost over $20 dollars was going to our local pool which still was twelve dollars for an adult entrance fee not including the locker fee's. I think all of you that are living close to Dumont are lucky and instead of bickering if you don't like paying these high fee's start helping out more. How can you help? Well maybe all of you that really like Dumont allot hey taking some courses in First Aid would help out. Start making a board of trustee's between the Dumont group. Out of those people find the people that carry Medical training start staffing your own medical team ect. Help to start filling staff positions for when these events and things being held that go on fill those positions amongst yourselves your there anyways the more you lend a hand the more better things are going to be. Helping the people out that have to be there day in and day out will help eventually by cutting there hours they have to be there back thus in turn it will help by driving those prices down a bit. Put it this way the area I grew up in they lost there local BMX club for two years things were closed down due to them wanting to turn our home turf being our track we built and ran into more soccer fields. We had to fight for TWO YEARS to get our bmx track back and you guys are bickering about a $30 dollar entrance fee for a good day of fun shame on you.
  15. Well you know I am honestly new to this I have never honestly been to the dunes yet but I can honestly tell you the dunes are nothing like the riding you would experience up in the Rockies where I am of British Columbia the riding is two totally different things. To have an accident and say there is danger yeah your right there is but look at it this way. I am sure you drive to and from work every day on the day do you not see accidents happening there and if you do maybe because your just gonna up and quit dune riding maybe you should turn your drivers license in also and not drive that car or truck of yours either. Oh right you could cross the street and get killed that's right maybe you shouldn't go outside. Do you see where I am going with this. I mean accidents happen man as long as you do precautionary things to help prevent things like this from happening yourself things will be that much better out there for everyone else you meet or come across. It's like when you started riding that peddle bike of yours for the first time sure you got mad probably got some scratches and bruises maybe some cuts but I am sure you got back on and kept trying till you were able to peddle that thing all over the place. I also remember the day my friend was giving me lessons on his motor bikes. When we were coming up where a jump was he went by just fine me I ended up almost smoking a guy that was to the right of me taking the jump. If I would have never of stopped like I did and I never would of seen that bike at the corner of my eye taking that jump his back tire would of slammed the front of my friends bike it would of been a mess. The guy that hit the jump should have had his buddy he was with on the other side where we were watching if anyone was coming while he was jumping. I told my friend lets go back down to where we were I mean this guy even took it farther and started cat walking on his back tire zoomed up by me riding the hill I was on while I was trying to get my bike started to get out of that area. When he started cat walking and all that by me I felt like grabbing a huge stick and ramming it through his back spokes on his bike but then I thought against it because I know one day that kid is gonna get hurt. I mean the friend of mine that I ride with has already broke his feamer bone riding like that kid we came across he even said that was like me before I broke my feamer bone. The moral to my story is the people that often get hurt or have been in wrecks of some kind end up being the ones that do make it safer out there for the other people out there because they end up being that much more aware. I never even had to say anything to my buddy he said himself that guy should of been using his buddy he was with as a spotter while doing that jump. If everyone was to be as responsible as just doing small things such as this your going to find that things will start to get that much better out there when your in the dunes. The thing is no matter how many rules are put into place accidents are still going to occur. I heard you were torn up bad about all this and what you are going through right now will only help you to be that much stronger. Hopefully one day you will get back out there and get back on and do it again like when you were doing your best to learn how to ride your peddle bike for the first time. These things do take time but like I say to lose you after you have been through with what you have would be kind of like not getting on that peddle bike again. This will only make you stronger and more aware go back out there when you feel comfortable. When I make it down there you will have to show me around as I am planning a trip to go down there.
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