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    05 kfx 700, 93 banshee, 99 scrambler 400, 78 small block powered luv truck, 00 warrior
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    duning, just about any kind of racing especialy off road racing, golf [ its not just for weanies ] and of course boobs.

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  1. yup. put 45 miles on it already. its all new for less than 300 bucks. i figure i might make a few extra bucks putting these together and selling them.
  2. i suppose my driveway would work. im right around the corner from pete. we could take turns riding my cool a$$ motorbike. ha ha.
  3. bert driveway drinking? must be soda pop.
  4. i think we are going to sand hollow.
  5. ha ha just what i was thinking. can you say photo shop?
  6. i went a couple of years ago and thought it was way cool. a ton of hot girls running around the drag strip was open and running cars too, even a jet dragster that night. i liked the V8 cars the best. will be out of town this weekend otherwise i would go.
  7. yes. send me your email and i will send you the info. check out snoreracing.net for all the race info
  8. if anyone wants to be a part of the biggest off road race of the year let me know. we need volunteers to work at the race. its pretty exciting right in the thick of things on the race course. check out the race info at snoreracing.net. there will be alot going on prior to the race including time trials and partys on freemont street.
  9. steves number is 505. its an orange class 5 car. he used to be SNORE's race director. i will be riding with the prez, don wall in the number 1607 car for the mint. i think its going to be a bit brutal but i cant wait.
  10. wanted to go but just didn't work out. but we just had our SNORE race there last month, 11 miles and we jumped the needles highway both ways like SCORE used to do. would have liked to see the leap. oh well. come to primm next month for the battle at primm. gonna be some awsome racing.
  11. i hope to met, i mean meet you someday at the dunes too. my dad lives in la habra
  12. like otis said, adjust the cable first. line up that arrow on the case with the one on the clutch lever. make sure you have a little play in the lever on the handle bars.
  13. we had a 250 for a few years. a real dog in the sand. sold it and found a scrambler 400 4x4 that needed work cheap. great for my wife. climbs any dune and is pretty fast. she has never gotten stuck. i wouldnt waste any money upgrading the trailblazer.
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