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  1. VegasRaptor


    I know this is an old topic but interested in trying a tripod set up for football for Thanksgiving. Any new suggestions or advice before I buy a kit. A bit confused about local channels being able to be viewed. Thank you!
  2. We had the lawn dart championships by our camp and 702SandMan won. (just going to leave that right there) No comment.. We might of gotten there when you guys were packing up the dart s.
  3. Absolutely agree we are responsible for our actions. I have no interest in running Comp at night after years of things like this happening. Stay safe out there everyone and hoping for a healthy recovery for anyone involved.
  4. Glad to hear he is alive. We didn't see that crash but we saw the buggy crash later on the night. I was the first vehicle to get there and I thought the passenger was gone. He was able to get out of the vehicle once he become concious and would be curious on any injuries other then the gash on his head. My rant is..I was surprised to see one quad intially respond. Maybe I'm overthinking but I guess I was surprised that a vehicle equipped for transport is ready to go after hours. I guess I'm just surprised because by Monday it seemed you could find a LEO every turn.
  5. We are also missing a pink Iphone. 7026826409
  6. Looks pretty good without FPV.. need to get mine back up and running. What are you flying?
  7. I would recommended staying to the left once you past the Ranger Station for your first trip. We spent hours helping out a diesel pusher on Halloween and were lucky to get it out when they got close to the fingers.
  8. Thank you also. I'll pass it along. I think they really only follow the FB page for DDR.
  9. Great pics!! That's our crew with the Halloween decorations and new paddles.
  10. Great trip but the wind on Saturday ruined our decorating of camp.
  11. Just means the dunes will be cleaned up to me.. We are going either way.. not killing my buzz.
  12. We grab water, gas, ice, and propane at the Horizon station on the 372 or water at Saddle West RV Park.
  13. We live in the north also and I will only go the Armagosa/Pahrump/Shoshone way pulling the Hauler. Last time I did the mileage it was maybe 10 miles more then Baker. We dump in Pahrump and I like knowing if I forgot something I can usually grab it in Pahrump.
  14. Whether its a holiday, non holiday, friday or saturday- every night people go to comp to party. Agree!!
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