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  1. Don’t know if this helps but at Tractor Supply have tons of various water tanks. I just picked one up it’s like a barrel on its side with feet and holds 65 gallons. It was $200 but well worth the extra showers out there. I’m going to put it in truck bed then get a cheap electric pump to pump it into trailer as needed.
  2. 760 coffee I hope you come anyway. My wife loves your coffee. Big tips for whoever shows
  3. Well fireworks are always illegal but nobody enforces that so hopefully it’s the same for fires.
  4. Kicked in some cash Pete, we appreciate you. Might want to throw up one of those goal charts, show us where you need to be, where your at, and what is left to meet your goal. Then we’d know how much to throw in. Nobody wants to leave you hanging Rob
  5. until

    Have to work till 11pm Friday but planning to roll out after. You staying Sunday night Pete? I might do that
  6. Ugh great. I’ve bought mine from you for years, now what will I do!
  7. Got my third camera downloaded. More family pics
  8. Alper's not coming we are part of that crew. Jwcarguy has to work.
  9. So I think it equals about 7-8 adults and 3-4 for our crew, 4 toyhaulers. You use forum funds for tacos or do we need to pitch in? Excited for UFC.
  10. Know about 3-4 cars coming and as many rzrs. Where do they get rsvp'd or does this count? Im showing up Thursday late. Just park anywhere? Somebody else be there prior right? I'm going to have kids ages 4-12 on mini quads. I'll keep them out of camp circle but I can camp 100 yards out if the going rate is less kids? Not huge pitbull fan either (read the part "with kids) so if anyone is bringing them let me know another reason I can give space. Do do we need to rsvp somewhere else or will this do? Look forward to meeting the group!
  11. Planning on getting there Thursday about midnight also.
  12. I was figuring that is what he meant , March
  13. I wanted to go out but none of my crew could. Was out Saturday and there was a good amount of rigs just coming in. Jealous
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