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  1. I hope everybody had a safe and great Thanksgiving weekend. If you did have any problems with your sand toys or have decided to make some upgrades give me a call and lets see what we can do to get you ready for your next trip. Performance Unlimited West 702-429-0922 Thank you
  2. For you that are thinking of having some upgrades or repairs done to your sand car or offroad vehicle or even just routine maintanice give me a call . I will promise you a great price for great work and will stand behind everything I do. Tim 429-0922
  3. Yes the sand was beat up but we had a blast.
  4. Heading out Friday morning. Looking forward to a nice weekend
  5. Now that is funny. I needed that
  6. This is always sad to hear. There is a reason there is seat belts in our toys.
  7. Thank You! Paul I sent you a message. And for anybody else you can reach me at 429-0922 or just send me a message and will get back to you. Thanks again Tim
  8. Some pics of marcs new dash. Now off now off to powder coat.
  9. All I can say is the sand was smooth the weather was great and the crowds were small. It was a great weekend.
  10. I am curious if peole would be interested and how much they would be will to pay for a solar set up and inverter that would run everything but the ac unit and keep your batteries charged for the night at the same time. This is for toy haulers or motor homes and that would be installed. Thanks for any input you might be able to give. Tim
  11. Hope every body has a fun safe opening weekend. I am stuck going to Az. this weekend for practice. Cant wait for holloween.
  12. Glad they got that figured out. Got mine at the sand show for 110.00.
  13. Happy Birthday! I can hardly remember 27. Have a great B-Day
  14. Our group will be out there but we are old and like to dune alot. Oh ya and drink beer by the fire at night.
  15. As long as I have fuel and beer I am good to go. Last year we got more fast running than we have in a long time. It was a blast and I hope it repeats its self this season. Unfortunately no major upgrades to the car this year because unlike some people work is really slow for us this year.
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