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  1. RzrDonkey

    December Dune Pic of the Month

    Hanging out by north pole.
  2. RzrDonkey

    Friends of Dumont Dunes 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat!

    This year the trunk or treat was awesome!! The organization for this event was excellent. Hopefully they continue to set it up this way next year. Great job to all those involved. Thank you for taking the time to put this together...see you all next year!!
  3. RzrDonkey

    April Dune Pic of the Month

    I got 5 votes, I'm good with 2nd place. Great pic SandChick!!
  4. RzrDonkey

    April Dune Pic of the Month

    Comp hill in the background Presidents weekend.
  5. RzrDonkey

    Whip Tech

    5150 is great. I rolled my car breaking both whips and they replaced them at no charge. I also had a buddy who had a defective whip and they took care of him too. Andy and the rest of the people at 5150 are amazing to work with.
  6. RzrDonkey

    Vote: November Dune Pic of the Month submissions

  7. RzrDonkey

    Vote: November Dune Pic of the Month submissions

    From the bottom of comp on Thursday evening.
  8. RzrDonkey

    Treasure Trunk or Treat - Oct 28th 2017

    Thank you!! We thought it was a good idea. The kids really enjoyed it. It made trick or treating easier by having it in one location. Seemed like there was a good amount of participation. Hopefully it will become a tradition.
  9. RzrDonkey

    Missing Vendors?

    A big thanks to GTP for saving my weekend by having a tie rod for a turbo on hand. Sad to see the vendor all leave but if the blm makes it difficult for them to be able to vend and the business isn't there to really make it worth while I understand.
  10. RzrDonkey

    Place to purchase paddle tires new

    Extreme tires out of Arizona. They are excellent to work with and have great customer service.
  11. RzrDonkey

    Halloween weekend '17

    Thursday thru Sunday for us as well. So beeping excited!!