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  1. It's official. I don't like you. (Really jealous!) Just kidding, great trips and pics.
  2. Oct 28th thru Nov 2nd YEEEEE HAAAAWWWW!
  3. I think you're right. I'm always looking where my lights aren't.
  4. Yeah, it was definitely one of my "DOH" moments!
  5. I'll see how it goes halloween. After going to Dumont 5 or 6 years, I'm still a beginner. It didn't seem the shadows or dust was the problem, I had no side vision so when I needed to turn, I was turning into blackness. I think I need to try some aiming.
  6. "Hey guys, watch me jump my Jeep"
  7. I installed all those lights this summer and thought "hey now" Got to Dumont, still scary at night.
  8. It was fun. Sand was kind of damp, it was in the mid 80's around 6:00 pm. Some dangerous conditions as other have said. A San Bernadino Sheriff showed up right after we got there. Very positive interaction. He was there to check for stuck people as part of his regular rounds. he said people are often drawn to the dunes from the road and end up stuck near bathrooms completely unprepared. LEO's like him are a pleasure to have around. It drizzled off and on and there were some cool looking storms with lightning in the distance. I brought my Jeep. It did really well (for a Jeep) I'm too much of a wuss to drive it the 40 or so miles from Pahrump without A/C so I towed it. My kid brought his banshee. One of our friends was stuck when I got there... It was kid of creepy being the only ones there after dark. Sorry. Misplaced the camera in the truck, and didn't find it till this morning. Missed some good goofball antics. Ended up bringing a bunch of Dumont home in the Jeep. It was a blast all in all. No causalities except for some lug nuts, (right Nick?)
  9. There will be a group of us out there from around sunset till? Saw the temps dip a little and thought what the ... Will be many different vehicles, rails, quads, Jeeps, pretty much if it has a motor. Meet up at comp hill around darkish? We aren't going to get crazy because none of us has been there yet this season and the dunes can change drastically over the summer. I'll post pics here if my camera works in the dark. Chris
  10. I know you have a busy shop. (With good reason, you have happy customers) How much in advance do we need to schedule an appointment for an auto trans service? It's working great, just want to keep it that way. The F350 is not a daily driver and I don't mind waiting. Thanks, Chris
  11. Yeah, I exaggerated a little. It is rated a six person. But really, it looks to be as long a a quad cab Chevy! Where is the new Yamaha sport model to compete with the Polaris, Arctic Cat or Can Am? They have some great snowmobile engines that could be adapted for SxS use. Who is in charge at Yamaha?
  12. For any Diesel work in the LV area, Underground Diesel is THE place to take your truck. http://www.undergrounddiesels.com/ Look around the net for reviews and you will see what I mean. They are good and reasonable prices too. They are near LV Blvd and Warm Springs down the street from the new Shelby place. They are duners too. His screen name nere on DDR is nwtdiesel
  13. I lost my favorite flashlight. And the remote control to my campfinder light rendering it useless. And an mp3 player.
  14. More wilderness? That just means people who are getting older or those who have suffered injuries (like me) or the disabled are no longer welcome as we can't go trudging around anymore without mechanized assistance (you know, like ATV's buggies, Jeeps ect) I wonder what the AAPD would have to say about this. (American Association of People With Disabilities) Maybe it's time to sick them on this. They are being discriminated against. (Wink, wink) Fight fire with fire.
  15. A week to go. Will be there 4 nights. Thursday thru Monday. The weather should be nice.
  16. I'll look Tuesday night. That's the next time I work. I'll check the county website (only open to employees) I also have friends with the city of Henderson. It does help to know someone for gov jobs. I'll see what I can find. Do you want me to check the airport? Clark County runs that too, but it's a separate website which I have access to since I occasionally help them with projects.
  17. I work for Clark County Public works and have friends at the airport. I can check jobs on tuesday. Not all jobs are online. Filling out applications online is the way to go. http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/human_resources/Pages/EmploymentOpportunities.aspx
  18. I can vouch for the motor being freshly rebuilt. I'm not sure he is being accurate about the 10 hours though. I bet it has less! Probably closer to 5 hours.
  19. Mine has 110,000. I was told it's much cheaper to have the service done before we have problems. Someone I know from Dumont took his truck to Underground. Also a 2007 King Ranch. It is a white beauty. Anyway, he said they did the service for about $1500. That is if my now fading memory serves me. He was really happy with the work Underground Diesel did. I have yet to hear anything negative about them.
  20. I also have an 07 F350 It hasn't had any problems but I'm taking it in anyway just to have some preventive work done. I'm really glad we have a trustworthy diesel expert in town.
  21. I found this, but who knows. I look forward to seeing them every year.
  22. I thought it was too. And who smiles for a mug shot? I mean if we were to ever have a mug shot.
  23. There is no Justin Beiber. It's actually Miley Cyrus dressed like a 8 year old boy.
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