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  1. Just in time for Halloween, my truck blew a rear tire on I-15 and the rear got TORE UP! It will be in the body shop. That means no toy hauler. So we are bringing the tent trailer hauled by the Jeep. A borrowed trailer will bring the quads. We'll be travelling light. Real light. This was an expensive 60 mile tow. Note the bent rear bumper and quarter panel.
  2. Nice job on the site. I usually don't like change, but this was a positive.
  3. Yeah, is it the inverter/charger fuse(s) that is blowing?
  4. Great suggestions, did that already. It's just worn. Pump motor fires up, just not enough to lift fuel anymore. Time to replace.
  5. Fuel station fuel pump crapped out. What can I do with no time to internet order? Can an automotive fuel pump be substituted? Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Pull all the fuses on the 12 volt fuse block. Replace battery fuse. Put one fuse at a time back in the fuse block. When the battery fuse blows, the fuse you just out in the 12 volt fuse block is the circuit with the short.
  7. When the water is running like that, how long does it usually take for it to subside?
  8. It's GONE! Someone is out there enjoying the heck out of it.
  9. Me too. I'll stick out like a sore thumb in a green Jeep. (Hey, it's got heat!)
  10. "Just raising the boiling point" is pretty important. Many of those race trucks (and cars) are also running 30 psi + in their cooling systems. (To raise the boiling point) Nascar runs up to 60psi and sometimes water temps hit 265F. It's not 265 that melts motors, it's the internal boiling and cavitation that stops exchanging heat. If I was having cooling issues, I would increase cooling capacity. Maybe a more powerful fan, bigger radiator, higher flow water pump.
  11. I'm going to the meeting along with others I called last night. We all have busy lives, but at some point please leave a comment if you can't make the meeting. Cutoff for comments Jan 7th 2015 Written online comments: http://tinyurl.com/qzvaht7 Or email to: sndo_rmp_revision@blm.gov Regular mail: RMP Project Manager, Bureau of Land Management, 4701 N. Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130 Fax: 702-515-5023 I'm going to suggest plan one as dunefreak (Pete) recommends. I like things as they are. (I don't like change) As he also suggests, flipping out on them will not be constructive. I'm going to tell them I regularly enjoy drives through the desert as a family activity and some of us are not well enough to walk. As soon as land is not accessible to motorized vehicles, older people and those with disabilities are no longer able to enjoy the land. To me that discriminates against all except the most healthy among us.
  12. There is a meeting tomorrow (Thursday) eve at the Bob Rudd center in Pahrump about this. I don't know exactly what they plan to close, but they do plan on closing our land. This is our land, not theirs. It looks like tomorrow is the last scheduled public presentation about this. 3pm to 7pm open house format. http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/info/newsroom/2014/october/southern_nevada__1.html Public comment will close Jan 7th. This plan encompasses southern Nevada.
  13. I'll be there. I have to work Christmas and New Years though. Sure beats fighting a thousand people at Wal-Mart for a $200.00 laptop on black Friday. Sand and turkey.
  14. They were under the youtube name metalalien. I kinda assumed they were his.
  15. ATT has good service at the North Pole.
  16. Dunefreak, how did you get those aerial shots? They are beautiful! And Vegas Style, I saw the guy with the swastika. I thought my sunglasses were dirty or maybe I ate something spoiled. Nope.
  17. Cool, Spending all day at the DMV and cancelling credit cards is no fun.
  18. I think it was Halloween morning, I found a camelback with personal items inside near bathroom 12. Credit cards, money, ID, and other important stuff inside. I turned it in to the Sheriff at the ranger station.
  19. Thanks for the update. I'll be joining you in about 12 hours.
  20. That's why I never meet up with anyone
  21. Will there be a DDR north pole meetup?
  22. Wednesday or Thursday depending on last minute work schedules. Friday morning will work fine though. It's proper that you enjoy some time there too.
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