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  1. On the I-15 right now just south of nipton and it is 3 lanes of crawling semi's. Guess there's a wreck up ahead that's got traffic backed up from Baker... Yay! Correction:. It's just construction..
  2. Thinking about heading up to the cinders over labor day...any one else having similar plans?
  3. that is some pretty lame news. he was such a great rider and his whole persona is that of a champion...very sad to see him out on an injury like that. just a simple looking wheelie to his tailbone..thought for sure hed be back...
  4. Missin' the sand...

  5. hey, i ride a honda trx700 and it rides the dunes like a champ lol. nice trip report. hope the sand stays nice til the next time i can get out there.
  6. "STOLEN! STOLEN! Drag Racing Alert!! Please Help one of our racers in need from Vegas! Keep on the lookout for STOLEN 26ft. White trailer, generator on tongue. Orange 68 camaro. Orange golf car. Stolen from a warehouse behind the Texas station on lake-mead and rancho." (702)232-0692 (702)917-6958. - G.O "Appears the thieves used a dark grey, F250-350, 2006-ish crew cab, 4x4, single rear wheel truck." - This was a post on our local forum for drag racers. If there are any locals in vegas they should try to post a reward by contacting Glen. Thats how we got my dads 08 Outlaw 525 back. We posted a reward and sure enough got a call about it. The bike was messed up pretty bad but still got it back in our possession. Like this video shows it was 12-4-11 so hopefully its not too late
  7. just got back to being able to post lol. we left thursday around noon and got to the D at 4:30. my buddy jaime got his toyota prerunner stuck so we had to drop the trailer and some awesome guy in a rzr hitched it up and pulled him out but the himself got stuck. we rocked his out and then my dad got his moho stuck. what an amazing start to this trip. some dude brought his diesel 2500 over and yanked on the moho like it was a feather and got us out. then we were finally able to unload the bikes and hit the hills. the dunes were rough thursday and friday but the tops smoothed out saturday and by sunday the backsides of comp and banshee were perfect. the flats were still completely busted up but stayed high and dry up top. the road in was nice and smooth lots of traffic on the way out but the usual. no one in our camp got hurt and burnt though way too much fuel lol. damn shits expensive. nothing broke which was amazing. hope to do it all again on new years. btw : in a few of jaksters pics i can see my dad and i at the slow drags and in front of comp. the guy with the dual lamborghini flags had a wicked car. and the buckshot racing truck was awesome.
  8. loadin the last bit of gear now. takin a drink break and thought id check the thread. should be on the road at day break and at the dunes by noon or so. hope to see alot of you guys out there. gunna be sweeeet!!!
  9. ive got a 2 1/2 y.o son and i know what your goin through. sending our prayers for you and the entire fam. my son had a similar pool incident about 6 months ago and i was devastated. i wasnt able to be around for him at the time of the incident. i hope the outcome is great and it doesnt limit his ability to grow and live. best wishes Josh
  10. been gettin the rides ready this week. planning on heading down thursday night. itll be the first trip this season cant freakin wait! hope to see some people out there from here. gotta newbie comin with so well show hiim the ropes. dont forget to hit HOG HEAVEN at vendor row. gotta support the locals from kingman!
  11. it was my pops birthday yesterday and he just picked up a new rv. 20 sum foot fleetwood but the quads are loaded and the fams pumped. gma is watchin the scooter and well be headed that way fri night. count us in
  12. Just got back from the dunes...other than the few hours of rain from sat nite to sun am, pretty awesome weather. the dunes were rough from being packed but a good ride none the less. hill climbs were great and the drags could have gone a little faster but overall a great showing from the las vegas jeep club. props to them for battling the weather and having a good show. i think the weather kept the crowds down but still a hefty showing. havent heard or seen of any big injuries so thats a plus. tried out the new sandies and they worked awesome. cant wait to hit them up again and enjoy the paradise away from home. KEEP DUNIN' HARD!!!
  13. its a hopeful trip for us. bikes are ready to run and looks like weathers going to be a plus. gunna be a first for the jeep jamboree. cant freakin wait!!
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