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    1986 atc 250r

    2004 trx 450r

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  1. I went there once for a sincle 3 inch from the headers back and a 40 series he wanted 480 There on crack up there
  2. Choppo did my 3 trucks and my old firebird does great work But i think his shop moved and its a mexican tire place ??? Heard the new shops by hotrod hill
  3. Was t shirts , now's it about how jill doesnt do anything at work
  4. This coming from a lady that sits in a a/c building on myspace and ddr all day on the computer pushing print and handing out tickets haha . i start at 6 but some of us actually have to work when were there its not computer time for me
  5. The worst of all are those damn scale house girls
  6. Effin teamsters Its all about local 12
  7. he will sell it in like a month
  8. A good tip is to leave em at home
  9. i had a guy try and sell me a truck and a bunch of survey equiopment last week at work , said it was a powerstroke . hope it wasnt one of your guy's trucks . He was in a old busted a$$ ford
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